UltraDefrag 5.0.7

UltraDefrag 5.0.7 cuenta con un algoritmo óptimo , mas veloz  y  seguro, ya que utiliza funciones específicas del sistema operativo.


UltraDefrag 5.0.7  analiza el disco duro y lo desfragmenta,  distribuye y ordena cada parte de los datos almacenados.


Descargar:UltraDefrag 5.0.7

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión UltraDefrag 5.0.7

 - added compatibility with the following software by exclusion their 
      essential files from moving (excluded files are listed in brackets):
      SafeBoot (safeboot.fs), Symantec GoBack (Gobackio.bin),
      PGP Whole Disk Encryption (PGPWDE0*), Acronis OS Selector (bootwiz*),
      DriveCrypt (BootAuth?.sys), DiskCryptor ($dcsys$)
    - added crash handling code to the GUI, it shows the crash information
      on startup when the program crashed during the last run
    - changed unit suffixes from lower case 'b' to capital 'B',
      this is going conform with the SI units.
      Current scripts will still function, since we ignore character case.
    - error messages of the command line tool redirected to stderr
      while everything else - to stdout to comply with the common practice
    - fixed the progress indicator overflow; now it should never exceed 100%
    - added option to specify a custom cluster map background color
      (free-space color)
    - included further information in the documentation to fix bug #3561122

    - the following translations were added:

      Lithuanian, Albanian

    - the following translations were updated:

      Vietnamese, Polish, Iloko, Portuguese (BR), Norwegian, Slovak,
      Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Spanish (MEX),
      Wáray-Wáray, Japanese, Spanish (AR)

    - Internals: WgxPrintUnicodeString, WgxCheckAdminRights
      routines added to wgx library

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