Foxit Reader 3.2 Build 0303

Foxit Reader 3.2 Build 0303 es un visor de documentos PDF , con la misma capacidad Acrobat Reader.. con una interfaz mejorada , consume muy pocos recursos y es multilenguaje.

The new version 2.3 includes a multimedia player feature allowing  Foxit users to not only read PDFs, but to watch and listen to the  audio/video elements coming with PDFs as well. There are a lot more.  Give it a try and we hope you will enjoy!

Descargar:Foxit Reader 3.2 Build 0303

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Foxit Reader 3.2 Build 0303

New Features:

1.Undo and Redo

2.Bookmark Sync

3.Grayscale Printing

4.Speed up printing

5.Logical Page Number Support

Bug Fixes:

1.JavaScript better supports the PDF files and web interaction.

2.Fixed the crash issue when double click to open certain PDFs.

3.Fixed the issue where cannot correctly display the content copied from Text Viewer mode on popup dialog box.

4.Better support saving PDF as text.

5.Fixed the issue where pop multiple message boxes when clicking the bookmarks several times continuously.

6.Fixed the issues where certain PDF documents cannot be associated with Foxit Reader.

7.Fixed the issue where the space may disappear when copying text.

8.Fixed the crash issue when sometimes use arrow keys on keyboard to turn pages.

9.Fixed the issue where the text may not be highlighted under certain conditions.

10.Fixed the issue where the text string starting with a space cannot be searched.

11.Fixed the issue with vertical text selection and text highlight.