Advanced Uninstaller PRO 10.62

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 10.62 es una utilidad para la  de desinstalación definitiva de programas , lo que le permite desinstalar de forma sencilla y completa a través de su interfaz simple.

No hay que preocuparse  de los programas rebeldes nunca más! Advanced Uninstaller PRO cuenta con un monitor de instalación que realiza un seguimiento de todos los cambios realizados a su ordenador durante la instalación de software, de esta manera,  más adelante se puede desinstalar completamente cualquier programa y asegurarse de que nada se quede. Advanced Uninstaller PRO es capaz de desinstalar cualquier programa sin dejar rastro.

Un conjunto completo de herramientas te ayuda a desinstalar el software con facilidad, incluyendo los programas rebeldes que se niegan a ser desinstalados.

Descargar: Advanced Uninstaller PRO 10.62

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Advanced Uninstaller PRO 10.62

  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista support
  • Improved Uninstaller
  • Support for the latest browsers: Google Chrome 14, Firefox 7, Internet Explorer 10
  • Communicate with other users through our online forum. Easily ask questions, get useful answers and share your experience with a large community of users.
  • The Installation Monitor will make sure that no file or registry entry will be left behind after the uninstallation of a program. This tool can watch a program’s installation, create an installation log containing information about everything that the setup of the program has done, and then later completely uninstall the program. You will be able to uninstall a program even better than by using it’s own uninstaller. More than this, we designed this tool to be fast and reliable. We honestly believe it to be one of the fastest tools available of this kind.
  • As many of our users requested, the installation logs can now be printed.

Xion Audio Player 1.0.125 Final

Xion Audio Player 1.0.125 Final es un reproductor de audio, con  capacidad para el cambio de máscaras (Skins).

Xion Audio Player features full-layered skins with complete animation support, powerful playlist support, gapless playback, 10 band equalizer with presets, auto play and position saver, customizable global hotkeys, single click play/pause, and much much more.

Xion Audio Player incluye soporte para el nuevo estándar en intercambio de máscaras, evitándoos todo el problema con los scripts . El reproductor incluye todo tipo de controles, ecualizador gráfico, soporte para listas de reproducción y más.

Descargar:Xion Audio Player 1.0.125 Final

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Xion Audio Player 1.0.125 Final

1Fix Uninstallation of Plugins so that it correctly deletes the .dll
2Add the ability to scale the Shimmer Interface from 10% up to 500%
3Ensure that the snapping rectangle and tooltips are updated with scaling
4Modify Xion Config window Icons
5Draw Icons with a transparent background to fix rendering issues
6Fix the View All Skins button being enabled when you’re on the All Skins tab
7Ensure that GUIObjects are updated once prior to first frame render in order to remove flick of old/new values
8Update Bass to 2.4.1
9Fix pressing the play button so that it restarts the stream properly
10Fix crash when generating previews
11Major internal refactoring of the Skin classes to better generalize it and place it within a library (This took ages!)
12Make it so that if you launch Xion with command line options and there is a previous instance, it doesn’t take focus – Thanks zeroone!
13Fix compilation of SDK Examples
14Don’t force the output volume to max for the device
15Update Bass to
16Add options for Integration into Windows Explorer, AutoPlay Menu and Native Media Players into the File Types tab
17More work towards a skinnable playlist. Large chunk of work now complete and functions 100%. Now just needs extra buttons/features to support it back up to the original Playlist level.
18Several changes to internal string handling
19Cleaned up some Stare Viz code
20Fixed some compile errors in VS2005 while preparing for migration
21Used a new version of the Menu system for the playlist on right click
22Fixed up some more String/XionName/XionPath references
23Modified Playlist to allow loading from an archive as well as file on disk
24Updated BASS to 2.4.2
25Cleaned up the Shimmer/Playlist Window architecture. More to come
26Updated BassVis to
27Remove obsolte BassVis
28Added drag and drop support for loading the Playlist Interfaces
29Fixed Bug when you save the Tag info for the currently playing song, it doesn’t remember the position it was playing up to – Thanks pickle!
30Modified State Saving so that it also saves the direction of the animation as well as if it was playing or not. Increased the version number from 2 to 3
31Fixed bug where tags weren’t being properly updated when a new file was loaded that had no tags
32Modified the Shimmer Window to display the track name for its caption
33Added a text dialog for displaying the Track Title Format, instead of using a Message Box
34Fixed CD Audio tracks not properly progressing. (Any track that was unable to be pre-cached was causing it to get stuck)
35Fixed the track names inheriting the name of the action text that was currently active when adding them. I.e. Volume 56%
36Updated the way that the playlist adds files, now that its skinnable. Will now display progress in a text ‘pl_info’ box
37Will now display an error if Xion was unable to play a specified file, instead of sitting there apparently stuck
38All VU meters used for skinning are now scaled by the current volume
39Modified Playlist window’s minimum size to be limited to the size of the source playlist skin
40Allowed the playlist font to be customized using normal font tags from the skin
41Modified XionWindowSkinned to block Cancel and Ok defaults commands which were causing the skin windows to disapear if you pressed escape
42Added the ability for the playlist search box to use a custom font
43Made the playlist or the search box hide if they haven’t been specified in the skin
44Added support for pl_menu button
45Fixed GUIAnimation objects not moving correctly when within the playlist
46Fixed Interfaces not loading correctly when run from the installer Fixed loadinterface calls from skins not working correctly
47Fixed the flicker on Windows Vista when resizing the Playlist window by removing the WS_EX_COMPOSITED flag and using an alternate method
48Modified the way that the Playlist window resizes so that it uses a rectangle to show the resize area
49Fixed a crash when you attempted to install a skin
50Added the ability to remember which playlist skins were loaded
51Modified the Skin Browser to automatically load playlist skins into the playlist window
52Converted Xion from VS.NET 2003 to VS 2005
53Fixed playlist loading the main skin when you clicked on a button that switched interfaces on the main skin
54Disabled Left/Right VU values when muted
55Fixed the Track Title Format Help so that it no longer selects the text by default
56Fixed the GUISlider not repositioning correctly when using the achors
57Added new types edget, edgeb, edgel, edger in order to assist with borders where you’d like to tile but have it resize. Modified the Default skin to now use this so that resize borders are smaller
58Fixed the pinned left/right/top/bottom layers so that they correctly center align (i.e. those with 2 anchors)
59Fixed the File type Explorer, Native Media Player and AutoPlay menu integration. Toggling now instantly activates/deactives these
60Moved the file type Play/Enqueue Explorer command registration for AudioFiles and Playlists into the Explorer Integration Registration so that you can disable in the FileTypes dialog
61Renamed Windows Explorer “Play in Xion” to “Play now in Xion”
62Renamed Windows Explorer “Enqueue in Xion” to “Add to Xion Playlist”
63Fixed bug where the Save states and other things weren’t being properly saved when you launched Xion by double clicking an audio file. Now internally forces the Working Directory to be the same as the Xion.exe
64Added support for snapping windows to each other as you move them around
65Removed the Playlist task bar item Fixed the Snapping of windows snapping to themselves at their old location
66Fixed playlist from using skins when installed when double clicking a file in explorer
67Fixed the playlist always asking you to save changes on a list you’ve never saved in the first place
68Modified the window to window snapping so that it properly uses the snap rectangle if one exists, otherwise it uses the window rectangle
69Fixed crash when a folder is right clicked and ‘Play in Xion’ is chosen
70Enabled Plugins by default when installing them
71Allowed the ability to combine indi_active or indi_inactive with any of the other indicators
72Fixed custom track layers not properly trimming whitespace from tags
73Fixed the filename of a song from being displayed when blank tags were used.
74Updated the manifest to support Vista security requirements
75Added the ability to sort by Title, by Filename or by Folder and Filename
76Added the ability to sort by Song Length
77Modified the margin where the playlist times are drawn to pull it in by 3 pixels
78Added extra error reporting when Xion is unable to create/change a File extension Added the ability for Xion to check for new builds on the internet, both normal and Beta. You can change the options in the settings tab
79Added Content Type registry entries for the skin files so that they properly download under Vista Internet Explorer
80Fixed the Update now button so that it can still check even when the updates are disabled
81Fixed short songs recieving 2 near end events due to a Play then a Pause call allowing the callback to trigger – thanks logokas!
82Modified where the resume last file time is called to work better
83Added support for Text Cast Transform tct(upper, lower, normal)
84Added support for Crossfading. Crossfading options can be found in Configure Xion -> Settings
85Added Mime type to uninstall Fixed crossfading volume when you weren’t using 100% volume – Thanks Jhirst!
86Added support for automatic proxy settings through Control Panel -> Internet Options. If you setup a proxy here, Xion will use it when performing an Update check Added the ability to toggle Xion showing in the Taskbar. Option can be found in Configure Xion -> Settings -> Taskbar
87Converted Xion internals to Unicode. Xion now supports all language filenames (I.e. Russian Characters, Asian Characters, etc all now work)
88Added support for .M3U8, the Unicode version of .M3U in order to support saving of Unicode pathnames/Titles
89Fixed the Play/pause indicator button bug where it would flicker or not show correctly on some skins
90Fixed windows that weren’t top-level windows from registering a snap rectangle
91Fixed Install Skin window crashing due to Unicode issues
92Fixed crossfading when switching to a netstream – Thanks pickle!
93Fixed slash (/) issue in Unicode file saving of .dats
94Fixed Playlist resizing when it was overlapping the pl_list psd item
95Added the ability to Refresh the Playlist by pressing F5
96Fixed the Title of the Playlist not updating when a new skin was loaded
97Added more intelligent loading when a .zip/.xsf is dragged onto the shimmer window, or the playlist window. Instead of loading the first .psd it finds, it will now search the .zip/.xsf for a skin that it knows it can support. If it fails, it will load the first one it finds
98Fixed the list of Drivers in the Output tab so that they are correctly mapped to the internal values. If you have 2-3 sound cards listed this will now function correctly.
99Added extra output options in the Output Tab. You can now Output as 32Bit/16Bit, Enable Software Mixing (instead of Hardware), and Output as Mono
100Fixed adding of filenames that weren’t the same case as the registered file extension. I.e. MP3 instead of mp3

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