ReactOS 0.3.12

ReactOS v0.3.12 es un avanzado sistema operativo gratuito de código abierto que provee

una implementación creada de cero de un sistema operativo compatible con Microsoft Windows® XP. ReactOS tiene como meta lograr compatibilidad binaria con aplicaciones y drivers de dispositivo para sistemas NT y XP, usando una arquitectura similar y proveyendo una interfaz publica completa y equivalente.

ReactOS es el modelo más completo de un sistema operativo como Windows® disponible libremente. Por lo tanto, los programadores podrán aprender mucho estudiando el código de ReactOS o inclusive participando en el desarrollo del mismo.

ReactOS tiene y va a continuar incorporando características de nuevas versiones y cuando sea posible definirá tecnología de punta en sistemas operativos.

Descargar:ReactOS 0.3.12 Live CD

Descargar:ReactOS 0.3.12 CD Instalación

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión ReactOS 0.3.12

Generic 0.3.12 Changes

  • Hardware IDs for the following processors have been added to the internal hardware list.
    • Cyrix
    • Pentium MMX, Pro, II, M, 4
    • Core Solo, Duo, Extreme, i3, i5, i7
    • Atom
    • AMD K6, K6-3, Athlon 64, Turion64, Sempron
    • Via Nehemiah, Esther, Nano
  • NTVDM is now only built on x86 builds.


  • Calc: Units and conversion factors added.
  • Cmd: Line breaks follow DOS/Windows style (CRLF) now and various fixes to tab completion.
  • IPconfig: Media detection is now fixed.
  • MSCUtils: Column names now use resource strings instead of hardcoded strings.
  • Netstat: UDP packets are only displayed when the correct argument is passed to netstat at startup.
  • Paint: Initial selection support and angle rounding for lines and edges.
  • Regedit: Fix searching the registry.
  • Taskmgr: Usability fixes to remove outdated information and improve performance of information updates.

Control Panel Applets

  • Console: Store changes when buffer/window size or color changes.
  • Desk: Fix theme switching and screensaver selection.
  • Input: Fix changing of keyboard layout.
  • Intl: Use resource strings for ‘metric’ and ‘Imperial’ strings.
  • Sysdm: Fix creation of paging file and place constraints on file size.


Various tweaks were made to the installer to ease installing ReactOS.

  • Provide ability to overwrite GRUB or LILO instead of failing to install Freeloader.
  • Fix reading of partitions created in non-standard formats by Linux.
  • Minimum space check notification improved. Minimum space value also made configurable through text file.
  • Creation of new partitions fixed by correctly writing values of the BIOS Parameter Block.
  • Installer does not restart in second stage if ESC is pressed.
  • PathName and SystemRoot registry key values are now written by the installer.


  • Services no longer trample over other services when reporting their status.
  • DHCP: Service rewritten to be compatible with mswsock_new and not clobber network information stored in the registry. LiveCD now has working networking.
  • EventLog: Fixes to reading and displaying of log content.