Defraggler 2.06.328

Defraggler 2.06.328 se diferencia de otras herramientas de desfragmentar del mercado, en que le permite rápida y fácilmente defragmentar los archivos que desea, sin tener que desfragmentar por completo el disco. Basta con ejecutarlo, seleccione el archivo y lo desfragmentara en segundos.

Descargar:Defraggler Portable 2.06.328

Descargar:Defraggler 2.06.328

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Defraggler 2.06.328

– Added advanced options to schedule (timeout, idle time).
– Fragmentation calculation can now be customized.
– Improvements to file placement algorithms.
– Defraggler can now be assigned as the default defrag tool for Windows.
– Added enable/disable shell extension.
– Fixed issue that could cause df.exe to abort unexpectedly.
– Scheduler now displays the time it last ran.
– Improvements to non-English translations.
– Fixed incorrect tab-stop order in scheduler dialog.
– Added support for Kurdish language.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Notepad++ 5.8.5

Notepad++ 5.8.5 es un editor de código fuente, que soporta varios lenguajes de programación y se ejecuta en MS Windows.
Este proyecto, basado en el componente de edición Scintilla (un poderoso editor), está escrito en C++ utilizando directamente la API de win32 y STL (lo que asegura una velocidad mayor de ejecución y un tamaño más reducido del programa final), se distribuye bajo los términos de la Licencia Pública General de GNU.


Descargar:Notepad++ 5.8.5 Final

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Notepad++ 5.8.5

Notepad++ v5.8.5 fixed bugs (from v5.8.4):

  1. Fix Shell Extension (32 bits) icon absent issue.
  2. Fix the crash problem if config.xml is not present.
  3. Fix tab settings not saved under Windows 7 problem.
  4. Fix localization switching under Windows 7 problem.
  5. Fix x64 system files problems : not included in recent file history list while closing a file.
  6. Fix x64 system files problems : not remembered in the next session problem.
  7. Fix the search direction not being memorized problem.
  8. Modify File Association dialog UI.
  9. Fix the initial document encoding is not set by “New Document Settings”.

CDrtfe 1.3.9

CDrtfe 1.3.9 permite grabar CD y DVD que utiliza Cdrtools (incluye cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd, cdda2wav), Mode2CDMaker y VCDImager.


  • Data CDs
  • Audio CDs (including CD-Plus)
  • XCDs (with optional error protection)
  • Video CDs
  • Audio track extraction (wav, mp3, ogg, flac, userdefined)
  • Project files
  • Can be used with commandline options
  • Windows Explorer integration
  • Multi language support
  • DVD support: Data and Video DVDs
  • Remote drive support via RSCSI

    Descargar:CDrtfe Portable 1.3.9

    Descargar:CDrtfe 1.3.9

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión CDrtfe 1.3.9

    • Shell Extension for 64 bit Windows.
    • Bugfixes:
      • Filebrowser caused an access violation when there was no drive c:\.
      • Empty disc labels caused wrong error message (Invalid source file “:”).

    Mp3tag 2.45c Beta

    Mp3tag 2.45c Beta permite editar las etiquetas de muchos archivos simultáneame, renombrar los archivos basándose en la información contenida en las etiquetas.etc.

    Soporta archivos AAC, FLAC, APE, MP3, MP4, MPC, OGG, OFR, OFS, SPX, TTA, WMA,WV,TAC.

    Descargar:Mp3tag 2.45c Beta

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Mp3tag 2.45c Beta

    • NEW: Explorer context menu entry now realised via dedicated shell extension.
    • NEW: added field PRESENT keyword to filter for files that contain a specfic field in their tags.
    • NEW: placeholder %_tool% for TAK now contains used TAK encoder version.
    • NEW: support for reordering files via drag and drop at Tag Sources dialog.
    • CHG: adjusted MP4 mediatype mappings to reflect changes in iTunes 9.
    • CHG: COPYRIGHT field now maps to MP4 cprt atom.
    • CHG: extended profile information displayed in %_vbr% for TAK files.
    • CHG: file extension is now not selected when renaming files in file list.
    • CHG: now displays technical information of the first audio track in MP4 (instead of the first track).
    • CHG: SUBTITLE at MP4 now contains what previously was ITUNESPODCASTDESC which now contains the long description.
    • CHG: Tag Sources selection dialog now remembers its selection state and sorting of search results.
    • CHG: updated discogs web source.
    • CHG: updated TAK decoder library tak_deco_lib.dll to TAK 2.0.0.
    • CHG: user-defined fields are not truncated to 255 characters in MP4 anymore.
    • FIX: menu ‘Edit, Select all files’ only worked if file list had focus.
    • FIX: placeholder %_counter% was not available at action ‘Export cover to file’.
    • FIX: placeholder %_md5audio% now only available for audio formats tagged with ID3 and/or APE tags.
    • FIX: removing files from filter result caused files that do not match the filter expression to be displayed.
    • FIX: runtime error when sorting files after filtering with an invalid filter expression.
    • FIX: sort indicator in file view was not reset if playlists were loaded or files were added.
    • FIX: workaround for MP4 files with unconventional avcC atoms.

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 5.1.0

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 5.1.0. Son más de una docena de codecs y utilidades para para reproducir vídeos, sonido o incluso DVDs.  Permite elegir cómodamente,   mediante checkbox, los componentes que quieres instalar y los que no.


    Cambios principales:

  • Updated ffdshow to revision 3065
  • Updated Cyberlink MPEG-2 decoder to version
  • Updated AC3Filter to version 1.63b
  • Updated RealMedia splitter to version 1.3.1268.0
  • Updated Codec tweak Tool to version 3.1.0
  • New set of file type icons for Media Player Classic
  • Fixed file properties Explorer tab of Haali shell extension
  • Minor changes

    Descargar:K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 5.1.0

    Eraser 5.87

    Eraser 5.87 permite eliminar archivos o carpetas del disco duro de forma ’segura’ las contraseñas, datos personales, documentos…

    Eraser borra y escribe encima del archivo que se desea eliminar.


    Cuando se elimina un archivo, el sistema operativo realmente no elimina el archivo del disco, sino que sólo elimina la referencia del archivo de la tabla de sistema de archivos. El archivo permanece en el disco hasta que otro archivo es creado sobre él, e incluso después de eso, podría ser posible recuperar los datos estudiando los campos magnéticos en la superficie del disco.
    Antes de que el archivo sea sobreescrito, cualquiera puede fácilmente recuperarlo con un disco de mantenimiento o una utilidad undelete.Soporta 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 2003 Server y DOS.

    Descargar:Eraser 5.87

    Descargar:Eraser Portable 5.87

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Eraser 5.87

    Eraser 5.8.7: Changes over 5.8.7-beta5•Allow users to specify whether they want to delete Eraser-related configuration files on uninstall
    •Implemented Eraser 5 Unicode support.
    Fixed in previous 5.8.7 betas:•Timestamp all binaries on top of signing with the certificate
    •Fixed dragged-and-dropped tasks to the On-Demand pane. The computer will shut down when done
    •Fixed scheduled tasks’ completion action
    •Display the time when scheduled tasks are to run at midnight
    •Fixed a 64-bit problem for ISAAC buffer fills (semantic, not really serious)
    •Fixed a wrong use of the equality operator leading to files being detected as encrypted when they are not (should fix some random hangs)
    •Fixed the missing shell extension
    •Fixed 64-bit installs (VC runtime complained of lack of cabinet)
    •Fixed error message when user deletes files and cancels in the Eraser Explorer.
    •Deleting tasks now require confirmation (as per Windows)
    •Fixed a hang when users expanded the Network bit of the file data selection dialog (now only affects Verifier)
    •Run the post-task operation when it is complete.
    •Replaced the custom file/folder selection dialog with the Windows built-in ones.
    •The “no files to erase” error no longer appears for file/folder erasures.
    •Fixed the Hotkey selection dialog in General Preferences
    •System passwords must be specified for it to be active. Throw an error if the user wanted a password but didn’t set one
    •x64 compatibility fixes (NTAPI call)
    •The scheduler log size must be positive, the dialog enforces it now.
    •Allow users to tell Eraser to remember the resolve locked files setting for the current erase. Like a No to All or Yes to All button.
    •Implemented the deletion of run-at-reboot scheduled tasks.
    •Compile everything using VS 2008.
    •Fixed command line error when selecting subfolders to be erased with the parent folder
    •Fixed a few issues with EraserL creating a registry key after an erase
    •Fixed the weird bug of right-clicking the various erase methods and Eraser hangs. Hopefully this resolves the problem of the file/folder selection dialog blinking and resetting the selections.
    •Implemented NTFS EFS file erasure (EXPERIMENTAL!)
    •Further complicate forensics: Set MACE to invalid values (NTFS only)
    •Fixed #6: Incorrect ‘When Finished’ option
    •Implemented #37: Eraser should not allow system to hibernate or standby when running
    •Fixed #36: Eraser overriding Windows hotkeys in context menu
    •Fixed #48: Inaccurate determination of process elevation
    •Do not create “New Eraser Document” in the New context menu of Explorer when using a Portable version
    •Schedlog.txt will always be kept in the local Application Data folder.
    •Fixed shutdown issues after erase for NT-based computers.
    •Fixed erasure of recycle bin contents when the erase was cancelled.
    •Fixed Windows 98 compatibility.
    •Fixed error checking when querying for elevation.
    •Renamed Verify.exe to Erschk.exe. Resolved #418558.
    •Fixed the VC2005 redistributable being extracted over each other when both x86 and x64 builds are selected for install.
    •Fixed command line error when -silent was passed to EraserL.