Flock 2.5.5

Flock 2.5.5 es un navegador social de código abierto basado en tecnologías de Mozilla al estar programado en torno al motor Gecko. Flock cuenta con herramientas tales de manejo de Blogs, manejo de feeds (RSS, Atom), páginas favoritas integradas en del.icio.us y Flickr, o la posibilidad de compartir fotografías.



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Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Flock 2.5.5

  • Based on the Firefox 3 technology, providing a faster, safer, and more stable web surfing experience.
  • Incorporated Mozilla’s 3.0.15 patch for Firefox.
  • Incorporated the latest Adobe Flash Player version. Please, make sure to close any Firefox window, prior to any install or update, in order for the Adobe Flash Player version to be updated.

New Features in 2.5

  • Facebook Chat has been integrated as an Instant Messaging service: Facebook Chat User Guide
  • Twitter features in the People Sidebar have undergone a complete overhaul, and now allow for several new options: People Sidebar User Guide
  • Twitter Live Results have been added to the search chrome.
  • Twitter Search widget has been added to MyWorld: Twitter Search User Guide
  • FlockCast has been integrated as a new feature in Facebook, allowing you to easily broadcast your actions from around the web directly onto your Facebook page: FlockCast User Guide
  • Bebo has been integrated as a People service.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue where logging to Flickr would log the user out of Yahoo Mail and vice-versa.
  • Fixed the issue where the Facebook notification flyout was blank, when viewing a non-Facebook page.
  • Fixed the issue where a message bar with the “Logout” button appears after publishing a new WordPress blog post.