ATViewer-Universal Viewer Free 4.2.2

Universal Viewer 4.2.2 es un visor de archivos avanzado con una amplia gama de formatos soportados. 

  • El texto, binario, hexadecimal, Unicode: todos los archivos, sin límite de tamaño (incluso 4Gb + de tamaño)
  • RTF, UTF-8: RTF y codificación UTF-8 texto
  • Imagen: en general todos los formatos gráficos: JPG BMP GIF PNG TGA TIFF … además de todos los formatos soportados por IrfanView / XnView
  • Multimedia: todos los formatos soportados por MS Windows Media Player: AVI MPG WMV MP3 …
  • Internet: todos los formatos soportados por MS Internet Explorer: HTML XML DOC XLS …

    Descargar:Universal Viewer 4.2.2

    Descargar:Universal Viewer Portable 4.2.2

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Universal Viewer 4.2.2
    * Changed: UV is now free. Pro version’s features moved into separate Navigation Panel addon (Nav.exe, shareware).
    * Changed: NavPanel cannot be shown in fullscreen mode.
    * Added: copying progress for “Copy to folder” command.
    * Fixed: saved “Footer” print option.
    * Fixed: command “Send by email”.
    * Fixed: big RTFs loading.
    * Fixed: NavPanel: opening of folder .lnk.
    * Removed: “ShowStatusbarOnMedia” option.

    Defraggler 1.13.155

    Defraggler 1.13.155 se diferencia de otras herramientas de desfragmentar del mercado, en que le permite rápida y fácilmente defragmentar los archivos que desea, sin tener que desfragmentar por completo el disco. Basta con ejecutarlo, seleccione el archivo y lo desfragmentara en segundos.



    Descargar:Defraggler 1.13.155

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Defraggler 1.13.155

    – Added quick defrag to command line version.
    – Added option to view folder index entries in file list.
    – Fixed bug related to excessive GDI objects.
    – Fixed tab issue in search tab.
    – Improved speed of moving very large files to the end of the drive.
    – Several minor bugs fixed.

    eZ Publish 4.2.0 Alpha 1

    eZ Publish is an award-winning, enterprise-grade Open Source Content Management System and development framework with functionality for web publishing, media portals, intranets, e-commerce and extranets. eZ Publish helps all kinds of organizations – including multinational corporations, humanitarian organizations and educational institutions – succeed at sharing their information.eZ Publish 4.2.0 Alpha 1es un CMS (Content Management System) de código abierto desarrollado y distribuido por eZ systems.Es una aplicación que ofrece soluciones profesionales para sitios Web dinámicos. Por ese motivo puede ser usado para construir cualquier tipo de proyecto, desde sitios personales a sitios corporativos que requieran diferentes perfiles de acceso, tiendas online, foros de discusión y otras funciones complejas. 
    Puede ser utilizado en Windows y varias variantes de UNIX tales como OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX, etc. Además, funciona con cualquier base de datos sin necesidad de modificación en el kernel.



    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión eZ Publish 4.2.0 Alpha 1


    The bundled extensions in the download are:

    • eZ Online Editor 5.0.3 (based on tinymce, which has RC status now)
    • eZ extension 2.4.0

    During the setup wizard, updated versions of eZ Publish Website Interface or eZ Flow can be selected which also install the follwing extensions:

    • eZ Website Toolbar (separated from eZ Web site
    • eZ JS Core (base library for client side javascript and Ajax functions)
    • eZ Star Rating (based on a contribution by Bruce Morrison)
    • eZ Google Maps Location (contributed by Joe Kepley)

    The main new kernel features are

    • A new cluster file handler, which can be used with distributed filesystems such as NFS
    • Improved LDAP support
    • Full PHP 5.3 compatibility

    Other extensions related to 4.2.0alpha1 available are

    • eZ Find 2.1alpha1
    • eZ SI 1.2.0
    • eZ Survey 2.1alpha1


    Changes from 4.1.0 to 4.2.0alpha1


    • Implemented enhancement #14641: Improve error text in getHandlerClass when class is not defined
    • Implemented enhancement #8561: extended LDAP (Active Directory) Authentication
    • Implemented enhancement #13819: add support for LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS in ezldapuser class
    • Implemented enhancement #14792: content.ini – allow class_identifier to set VersionHistoryClass
    • Implemented enhancement #14809: Protecting tilde from being urlencoded on redirects.
    • Implemented enhancement #14813: Improved behavior of ContinueShoppingButton in basket.
    • Implemented enhancement #14934: Disable template compilation in setup wizard
    • Implemented enhancement #14981: Fix eZImageManager::createImageAlias # Fixed a small regression in the image conversion process when a source image has an unknown mimetype
    • Implemented enhancement #13825: Full PHP 5.3 compatibility
    • Implemented enhancement #10178: Make trigger information available to events
    • Implemented enhancement #15032: Update ezlupdate to Qt 4.5 (patch)
    • Implemented enhancement #8054: Content edit handlers – default implementation of storeActionList()
    • Implemented enhancement #15210: Infocollector mail: From and Reply-To cannot be different


    • Fixed bug #14622: role & group session cache is not correctly cleaned on login in 4.1
    • Fixed bug #14627: Setting object states and view cache
    • Fixed bug #14625: Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT in ezsession.php
    • Fixed bug #12850: soap.php and multiple siteaccesses (patch included) # Also clear soap.ini cache after loading new siteaccess and extensions
    • Fixed bug #14640: Php 4.4 mentioned in php version check in installer
    • Fixed bug #14628: Check that required eZ Components are installed during setup wizard
    • Fixed bug #14609 Allow eZSession to read session from post variable for flash requests to work on firefox # Use post before cookie, flash appends cookie if it has one even if the session might be invalid for the current user.
    • Fixed bug #14033: has_content of an eZInteger attribute is always true
    • Fixed bug #14663: has_content of an eZFloat attribute is always true
    • Fixed bug #14662: kernel override autoload
    • Fixed bug #14643: eZFSFileHandler: wrong var in debug output
    • Fixed bug #14345: Wrong character set destroy xml in eZ Image Alias Handler.
    • Fixed bug #14677: Invalid rules on eZ Webin (ezoe) for editor user
    • Fixed bug #14574: eZMySQLiDB ignores Port setting
    • Fixed bug #12740: kernel/content/node_edit.php contains unused vars and other crud
    • Fixed bug #12284: open_basedir warning not displayed when no other system checks fail
    • Fixed bug #14660: LDAP: not authenticated with the user requested
    • Fixed bug #14686: Double session start
    • Fixed bug #13162: Open_basedir warnings
    • Fixed bug #13421: Non-static method eZContentFunctionCollection::fetchReverseRelatedObjects
    • Fixed bug #13422: Non-static method eZContentFunctionCollection::contentobjectRelationTypeMask
    • Implemented further enhancements asked for in #12235: config.php documentation
    • Fixed bug #14712: OE5 does not always use full width when translation content
    • Fixed bug #14718: Improve debug output from default exception handler to support debug by ip
    • Fixed bug #10720: [patch included] Session lost if siteaccess contains dot in name
    • Fixed bug #14642: eZContentObject::fetchByNodeID is producing fatal errors
    • Fixed bug #14729: Query problem in eZContentObject::allowedAssignStateIDList()
    • Fixed bug #14392: fatal error in ezcontentmanager.php
    • Fixed bug #14632: warnings at deleting a content object
    • Fixed bug #14741: 4.1 user subscription fatal error
    • Fixed bug #08123: Query error on ezworkflow_event with multiplexer and a selection of many classes
    • Fixed bug #14704: Error in addlockstategroup.php update script
    • Fixed bug #14698: Check iconv availability in setup wizard
    • Fixed bug #14624: upgrade 4.0 -] 4.1: addlockstategroup.php fails if sql mode is set to strict
    • Fixed bug #14678: Translation : missing i18n
    • Fixed bug #14630: Autoload classes are not refreshed on clean install, so OE does not work out of the box
    • Fixed bug #14766: Installer thinks postgres is installed but it’s not.
    • Fixed bug #14635: For a discount with decimal component shop/basket cuts off the decimal
    • Fixed bug #11055: $ and $ not translated
    • Fixed bug #14656: Access Denied Error when view not found
    • Fixed bug #14787: Url alias errors when changing translation currently shared with other translations.
    • Fixed bug #13087: dit\ezobjectrelationlist.tpl: wrong id for div tag
    • Fixed bug #14795: Problem with mime-type for swf files in mime.ini
    • Fixed bug #12833: /user/success redirects to /user/register
    • Fixed bug #14796: System Locale shaking the admin interface
    • Fixed bug #14652: Image alias create JPE file
    • Fixed bug #10944: preview cache – fatal error
    • Fixed bug #14703: wrong usage of productOptionInformation
    • Fixed bug #14520: eZPreferences – inconsistencies between database- and session-stored escaped values during initial session
    • Fixed bug #14802: Problem with url alias entries when shifting a combined entry to a previously used name.
    • Fixed bug #14805: Language switcher would leave out parts of an URL which was not translated in the destination locale.
    • Fixed bug #14343: Transaction error in eZURLAliasML::setLangMaskAlwaysAvailable()
    • Fixed bug #14719: Exclamation mark at end of URL does not work in emails (w/patch)
    • Fixed bug #14812: multiprice templates have untranslateable strings
    • Fixed bug #14815: Wrong function call breaks multiprice logic
    • Fixed bug #13045: updateviewcount.php problems with url’s
    • Fixed bug #14816: Continous troubles with invalid url module (with fix)
    • Fixed bug #12481: Allow clearing of texttoimage cache with ezcache.php cli script and setup/cache view
    • Fixed bug #14751: eZWorflowProcess::createKey() if one of the process parameters is array, generated key is incorrect.
    • Fixed bug #14824: Check for allowed classes to instantiate based on ParentOwner limitation incorrect in eZContentObject
    • Fixed bug #14822: Object states suppression
    • Fixed bug #14830: eZPHPCreator::canRestore() doesn’t use the file expiry API
    • Fixed bug #13593: # in links (content_structure_menu_dynamic.tpl) should be javascript:void(0)
    • Fixed bug #14874: Admin layout breaks when left menu != smal as regression to #14796
    • Fixed bug #14828: is_logged_in cookie always set removed even if not currently set
    • Fixed bug #14883: fixnoderemoteid script does not work with PostgreSQL
    • Fixed bug #14852: fromString & ezinisettings
    • Fixed bug #14879: Fatal error while creating new content object package
    • Fixed bug #14904: Too long query time in eZSubtreeNotificationRule::fetchUserList()
    • Fixed bug #14860: Strict standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in kernel/classes/ezsslzone.php on line 144
    • Fixed bug #14730: PHP version check should be removed from index.php
    • Fixed bug #14890: SmartCacheClear ClearCacheMethod “keyword” doesn’t work as expected [patch]
    • Fixed bug #14836: INI cache inconsistencies (w/patch)
    • Fixed bug #14884: Missing svn:executable property for update scripts
    • Fixed bug #14897: Object/class name pattern and cache issues [patch]
    • Fixed bug #14917: eZ not able to parse new QT Linguist XML format [patch]
    • Fixed bug #14885: Single-view modules are broken by fix for #14656
    • Fixed bug #14896: Error on PostgreSQL 8.3 when DelayedIndexing is enabled
    • Fixed bug #14888: Problems with SQL updates on user_hash on postgres
    • Fixed bug #14758: Installer loops, if INI file time check is disabled.
    • Fixed bug #14980 :make runcronjobs.php use ezcli/escript option parsing code
    • Fixed bug #15005: Database transaction failed in cronjob notification.php (wrong query)
    • Fixed bug #15047: Textfile based authentication doesn’t work anymore
    • Fixed bug #14366: Duplicate remote_id in ezcontentobject_tree – for LDAP users
    • Fixed bug #15046: WebDav not working on 4.1.2 (patch).
    • Fixed bug #11695: Return correct hostname when behing a proxy
    • Fixed bug #12412: Redirect from secure zones causes redirection twice which messes up urls with special characters
    • Fixed bug #11695: Return correct hostname when behing a proxy (2nd fix, allow multiple hosts)
    • Fixed bug #15055: Preview modos doesn`t execatly look as the frontend
    • Fixed bug #15056: matrix datatype bug
    • Fixed bug #15054: Index on table ezkeyword_attribute_link
    • Fixed bug #15051: Fatal Error accessing collection information (infocollector/overview)
    • Fixed bug #15058: globBrace() in lib/ezutils/classes/ezsys.php does not work using Solaris
    • Fixed bug #15059: Wrong version tag in dbupdate for ezsession (patch)
    • Fixed bug #15051: Fatal Error accessing collection information (infocollector/overview) # Added missing schema definition
    • Fixed bug #15054: Index on table ezkeyword_attribute_link # Added missing schema definition
    • Fixed bug #15082: eZDFS does not like sql-mode=STRICT_ALL_TABLE
    • Fixed bug #15083: No warning is given when uploading file and size exeeds post_max_size [PATCH]
    • Fixed bug #15090: DateTime format in finnish (fin-FI) locale is bad
    • Fixed bug #15091: The rss module should return 304 not-modified
    • Fixed bug #12261: remote_id is not considered in eZContentFunctions::createAndPublishObject()
    • Fixed bug #13980: Allow to set section with eZContentFunctions::createAndPublishObject()
    • Fixed bug #15105: template.ini.[CharsetSettings].DefaultTemplateCharset is set to iso-8859-1
    • Fixed bug #14937: loose products from basket after login / loose session after login?!
    • Fixed bug #15027: fixclassremoteid.php is failing with custom datatypes
    • Fixed bug #11148: Cluster query error on mysql 5.1 using strict mode
    • Fixed bug #14493: Missing indexes on 3 tables
    • Fixed bug #15110: duplicate design bases in the list of template design resources
    • Fixed bug #14227: Languages are loaded from database in all pages
    • Fixed bug #15132: Some overrides do not work
    • Fixed bug #15083: No warning is given when uploading file and size exeeds post_max_size [PATCH]
    • Fixed bug #15140: Warning: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given in ezworkflowprocess.php on line 301
    • Fixed bug #14328: Nested embedding override issue
    • Fixed bug #14037: javadoc bug for eZHTTPTool::sendHTTPRequest # including regression for $passthrough variable caused by Rev. 22781
    • Fixed bug #14911: Untranslatable datatypes appears as translatable in class view and edit [patch]
    • Fixed bug #14982: Odd translation warning
    • Fixed bug #13400: ezlupdate always writes to “stderr”
    • Fixed bug #15141: Warning raised by ezauthor datatype
    • Fixed bug #14727: forgot password mail: problem with html mails


    Maxthon es un navegador de Internet con una interfaz altamente personalizable.
    Está basado en el motor de Internet Explorer ( casi seguro tu explorador actual, al menos si estás en Windows ) lo cual quiere decir que lo que funciona en Internet Explorer funciona en Maxthon pero con muchas características eficientes adicionales como…Interfaz de exploración por pestañas.

  • Gestos del mouse
  • Súper Drag & Drop ( arrastrar y soltar )
  • Protección de privacidad
  • Cazador de anuncios ( propaganda, publicidad, etc )
  • Soporte para la barra de Google ( la Google Bar )
  • Barra de utilidades externas
  • Temas ( modificar la apariencia de Maxthon )


    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Maxthon
    * Fixed a bug which causes program crash on exit
    * Improved Back/Forward support for special keyboards and mouse
    * Fixed SELECT menu cannot be selected on IE6 engine
    * Fixed Google Reader layout error after Minimize/Restore
    * Fixed UI overlapping problem with Webplayer & several player controls

    * Added shortcut keys on right-click Context Menu on Address Bar
    * Fixed incorrect icons for Maxthon Browser’s Associated File Types

    * Fixed messy text problem while importing IE8 exported Favorites

    InfraRecorder 0.50

    InfraRecorder 0.50 es un programa de grabación de CD/DVD con licencia libre que entre sus características te ofrece:Creación de múltiples tipos de CD y DVD.

  • Soporte para DVD de doble capa.
  • Borrado de discos regrabables siguiendo diferentes métodos.
  • Grabación de imágenes ISO y BIN/CUE.
  • Creación de copias de discos al vuelo.
  • Soporte de multisesiones.
  • Extracción de audio en varios formatos (wav, wma, ogg y mp3).
  • Generación de imágenes ISO.
  • Disponible en más de 20 idiomas.
  • Disponibilidad de versión de 64 bits, para el inefable Windows Vista.
  • El programa esta completamente traducido al Español.


    Descargar:InfraRecorder 0.50

    Descargar:InfraRecorder Portable 0.50

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión InfraRecorder 0.50

  • Relaxed default project ISO9660 settings.
  • Made progress dialogs resizable for easier reading.
  • Added wait cursors to time consuming operations.
  • Fixed bug causing failed operations to sometimes be reporeted as successful.
  • Fixed bug causing an error when verifying discs containing single character file or directory names.
  • Updated cdrtools to version 2.01.01a61.
  • Added support for displaying BluRay and HD-DVD capabilities.
  • Displayed OK button problem should now be gone.
  • Greatly improved device detection speed, devices are now always probed at startup.
  • Fixed a bug preventing boot images from being removed from projects.
  • Updated InfraRecorder projects not to store file size information that potentially could cause write errors.
  • Added safety net preventing non-recoverable read errors to affect integrity of other files during recording operation.
  • Updated InfraRecorder to lock files on hard drive during file system creation in order to avoid inconsistency errors.
  • Added support for importing data from file lists like M3U.
  • Added command line options for selecting default project and media type.
  • Fixed a bug causing projects opened by association not to be loaded if welcome screen was enabled.
  • Added support for using Ctrl+A in the track secion to select all tracks.
  • The drive letter is now displayed with the name of all CD/DVD devices.
  • Renamed disc fixation to disc closing.
  • Fixed bugs related to drive letter detection.
  • UltraVNC

    UltraVNC es un programa de conexión cliente-servidor el cual nos permite tomar el control del ordenador servidor remotamente a través de un ordenador cliente.


    UltraVNC  permite que el sistema operativo en cada ordenador sea distinto: Es posible compartir la pantalla de una máquina de “cualquier” sistema operativo conectando desde cualquier otro ordenador o dispositivo que disponga de un cliente.


    Descargar:UltraVNC x64

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión UltraVNC

    – Gui fix
    – FT fix

    ** v1.0.6.3 Release

    Viewer changes:
    – Gui lock while reconnect fixed
    – Removed flasher ( unused code )
    – Rab order fixed in dialogs
    – Crash on exit fixed
    – Cursor with scaling fixed

    Server changes:
    – Fixed unload video driver and xp64
    – Fixed settings overwriting with default when tempfile was write protected
    – Added messagebox uncheck for runas when ultravnc.ini is not writable
    – Added sc_prompt as command line option
    – Added sc_exit as command line option
    – Removed some logging, to many messages
    – Fixed locks when fast user switching between winlogon and desktop change
    – Added back a timeout, service need to give OS time to switch the desktop
    – Screen updates engine changed. Now uses events instead of windows messages
    – Moved engine updates sink to seperate cpp file
    – Tab order fixed in dialogs
    – Fixed crash monitor switch when second monitor is bigger
    – Added maxcpu setting

    ** v1.0.5.7.x

    – Fixed locking issue
    – Screen updates engine partially rewritten

    Avant Browser 11.7 Build 36

    Avant Browser 11.7 Build 36 es un navegador web gratuito que esta basado en el motor de Internet Explorer, tiene asegurada la compatibilidad con la mayoría de páginas.
    Avant Browser ofrece bloqueo de ventanas emergentes y un filtro anti-publicidad,etc.



    También permite desactivar imágenes, sonidos , animaciones flash, imágenes y vídeos, aunque desactivar todo esto estaría más enfocado a una mejora en la velocidad de carga.

    Descargar:Avant Browser 11.7 Build 36

    Descargar:Avant Browser Portable 11.7 Build 36

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Avant Browser 11.7 Build 36

  • Fixed an HTML bug which prevented a sidebar from being displayed on 
  • Fixed a bug which mischecked a bookmark url availability
  • Fixed a bug where the address bar drop down list kept showing when switching to other applications
  • Fixed a bug where disabling “auto refresh all tabs” didn’t work
  • Fixed a bug where for some people, going to Google and typing “blocker.swf” in the search bar, Avant attempted to download the file from “http://localhost/res/blocker.swf”
  • Fixed a bug which caused the “Search the current site” button to use Avantfind instead of your default search engine
  • Universal Viewer 4.2.0

    Universal Viewer 4.2.0 es un visor de archivos avanzado con una amplia gama de formatos soportados. 

  • El texto, binario, hexadecimal, Unicode: todos los archivos, sin límite de tamaño (incluso 4Gb + de tamaño)
  • RTF, UTF-8: RTF y codificación UTF-8 texto
  • Imagen: en general todos los formatos gráficos: JPG BMP GIF PNG TGA TIFF … además de todos los formatos soportados por IrfanView / XnView
  • Multimedia: todos los formatos soportados por MS Windows Media Player: AVI MPG WMV MP3 …
  • Internet: todos los formatos soportados por MS Internet Explorer: HTML XML DOC XLS …

    Descargar:Universal Viewer 4.2.0

    Descargar:Universal Viewer Portable 4.2.0

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Universal Viewer 4.2.0

  • Changed: UV is now free. Pro version features moved into separate Navigation Panel addon (Nav.exe, shareware). Some features (Copy to folder, Rename, Resolve lnk targets) made free.
  • Changed: NavPanel cannot be shown in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed: saved “Footer” print option.
  • Fixed: “Send by email” command.
  • Fixed: big RTFs loading.
  • Removed: “ShowStatusbarOnMedia” option.
  • Advanced SystemCare Personal 3.3.3

    Advanced SystemCare Personal 3.3.3 es una utilidad para Windows que te ayudará a proteger, reparar y optimizar tu ordenador; todo de forma totalmente automática. 


    Leer más

    MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1256 Final

    MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1256 Final es el administrador de música y jukebox para el coleccionista serio!

  • Cataloga más de 50.000 CDs y archivos de audio MP3s, WMAs, OGG, AAC/M4A, MPC, APE, FLAC, VQF, WAV , sin afectar al rendimiento del ordenador.
  • Sincroniza fácilmente tu catálogo musical con dispositivos de audio portables.
  • Edita etiquetas intuitivamente y obtiene la información que falta a través de freedb e Internet
  • Organiza archivos automáticamente – muévelos y renómbralos en base a sus etiquetas
  • Ripea CDs en formatos OGG, MP3 y WMA
  • Convierte archivos a otros formatos con el conversor de Audio
  • Crea listas de reproducción y mezclas musicales de forma manual o automática, útiles para cualquier ocasión.
  •  Escucha a través de plugins de winamp, o utiliza winamp como el reproductor
  • Reproduce archivos MP3 y otros formatos a un nivel de volumen constante, incluso si el nivel original es variable Y mucho más…
  • Si tiene problemas para reproducir o con la codificación de archivos WMA (Windows Media Audio), puede 
     ser debido a la que tiene instalada una versión antigua de los drivers de Windows Media.

    Para instalar los controladores más recientes de windows media , siga el enlace.

    Descargar:MediaMonkey MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1256 Final

    Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión MediaMonkey

    3007 Fixed [Burn] Disc fails to refresh in Explorer (XP) after several burns
    3741 Fixed [Burn] Primoburner: unregistered copy error messages
    4000 Fixed [Burn] MTP Synch to Zen Vision ignores mask location in some cases
    4100 Fixed [Burn] Improved burn config – Automated ‘Buffer Underrun protection’
    4180 Added [Burn] CD Burning: Improved status bar feedback during + on completion
    4219 Fixed [Burn] CD-Text labels aren’t displayed in some cases
    4340 Fixed [Burn] Some users have problems with burning to some usb drives.
    4390 Fixed [Burn] Ability to Cache Network files for Audio CD Burns
    4420 Fixed [Burn] Burning data DVD: Verification is slow in some cases + cannot be terminated
    4837 Fixed [Burn] Confusing error message on termination of preparatory phase of Audio-CD burning
    4845 Fixed [Burn] Change default burn mask
    4868 Fixed [Burn] Burning message improvements: disc sequence numbers for disc-spanning burns
    4915 Fixed [Burn] Estimated size of burned tracks isn’t correct for ABR MP3s
    4918 Fixed [Burn] Optional chime on burn completion
    4928 Fixed [Burn] Disc Spanning: Burn dialog options are confusing
    4929 Fixed [Burn] Burn List selection doesn’t work correctly
    4930 Fixed [Burn] Disc spanning: User is unnecessarily prompted to insert a disc
    4931 Fixed [Burn] Audio CD Burning: Error 30C07 for Audio Disc Burns
    4934 Tweaked [Burn] Burn Data CD Wizard shouldn’t highlight track paths yellow
    4939 Fixed [Burn] Burn error message numbers should have descriptive text
    4947 Fixed [Burn] Audio CD Burn disc indicator shows wrong number of discs required
    4954 Fixed [Burn] Support more CD-Text fields when burning audio CD.
    4958 Tweaked [Burn] Grammar correction in burning status message: ‘Copying of album art…
    4969 Fixed [Burn] Burning TAO: gaps should be included when calculating overall time
    5023 Fixed [Burn] Burn completes but takes hours
    5066 Fixed [Burn] Confusing error message (FFFFFFFA) when no tracks are selected to burn.
    5250 Fixed [Burn] Burn: Unavailable speed problem (e.g. some Plextor drives)
    5336 Fixed [Burn] [Erase!] button is always greyed out (regression)
    5369 Fixed [Burn] Burning common Playlist tracks and Pre-Selected tracks causes tracks to be burnt incorrectly
    5386 Fixed [Burn] Burn another copy doesn’t work for audio CD burning (regression)
    5440 Fixed [Burn] Burn: Verify data checkbox should be disabled when just ‘Test’ is selected
    5581 Fixed [Burn] Verification of DVD-Burn takes very long for large files
    5718 Fixed [Burn] Burning fails when DVD-RW disc is used in combination with ‘Track-at-once’ write method
    5719 Fixed [Burn] Simulated burn doesn’t take effect when DVD-RW and ‘Track-at-once’ method is chosen (Primo)
    3781 Fixed [Cache / Preview] Virtual CD: unsynchronized tags node doesn’t work
    4686 Fixed [Cache / Preview] Save to .m3u doesn’t work properly for Virtual CD tracks
    244 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Return rip error messages once after CD has ripped
    1277 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Level Track Volume is not unicode enabled
    2790 Added [Conversion/Leveling] Album Gain support for Burning and Ripping
    3763 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Background volume analysis triggers errors for inaccessible tracks / CDs
    4153 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Background volume analysis should limit tag update to Replay Gain changes
    4412 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Fixed failed rips should generate a single error message after rip operation
    4713 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] File conversion fails for filepaths > 255 chars long with error message (auto-cutoff feature?)
    4752 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Send to -> Folder (Rip/Convert) should always default to create copy
    4898 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Support more WMA Lossless (sub)formats
    4949 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] CD ripping occassionaly fails for some users and CD drive is lost untill reboot
    5018 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Comment is lost on file conversion
    5150 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] MM can throw errorneous The directory %s cannot be created message.
    5206 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Unleveled tracks lists many analysed tracks.
    5266 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] CD Rip: If tracks are already ripped and user selects overwrite [Yes to all] then only one track is ripped (regression)
    5267 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Ripping can freeze MM
    5379 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] WMDM synchronization changes file extension to uppercase
    5506 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Ripping a CD causes the CD content to be unavailable until the rip process ends (regression)
    5507 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Level Track Volume doesn’t work correctly for files with Leveling not calculated yet.
    5527 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Automatic volume analysis re-analyzes podcasts with each new episode
    5577 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] MM should try to copy only existing external covers when converting tracks to a new location
    5603 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion options: New ‘fla’ format exists (regression)
    5618 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Level Playback Volume fails in some cases
    5622 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] CD ripping: Duplicate warning is poorly positioned
    5633 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Ripping process misses some tracks for some users
    5644 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] MM freezes randomly (mostly on conversions)
    5708 Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Converting does not copy all existing tags
    441 Added [DB/FileMonitor] Inaccessible tracks are not all greyed out & MM becomes non-responsive
    3004 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved Missing Tracks: always fails when track timestamp doesn’t match
    3876 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Add Extension as a new DB field
    3877 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Show M4B files in Audiobook filter in MM.
    4191 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Drag and Drop of Folders to Library node fails
    4408 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Improve Album Art scanning (only add art if all tracks in a dir have similar Album fields)
    4635 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] File Monitor: Tags changed outside of MM aren’t commited to database
    4656 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Track Browser: Doesn’t populate until all tracks in a node are read
    4787 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Network Database Access Optimization.
    4825 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] DBUpgrader : Fixed non ASCII Album Artist can be corrupted when upgrading from MM 2.x
    4846 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] MediaMonkey fails to import the Comment field from ID3v1 tags
    4926 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Database problems in 1192
    4953 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] MM 3.1 Fails to upgrade from MM 2.x database
    4984 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Updating database to 3.1 can fail
    5034 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Encoder version info added to multiple incorrect fields (regression)
    5037 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Folder scan aborts (Regression)
    5047 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning tracks doesn’t work
    5057 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Filter Views Not Saved When DB Converted to 3.1
    5080 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Regression: The data in the new DB field Extension has a white space character in the end.
    5110 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] DB Maintenance is very slow for large DBs
    5136 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Need delete_playlists TRIGGER
    5170 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Classification tab doesn’t work for some users
    5176 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Crash on Startup related to DB
    5217 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Filters are always reappear in database
    5354 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning playlist with tracks in empty CD/DVD drive should not show up error dialogs
    5366 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] No way to save Artwork for CDs saved to the library
    5368 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Files to Edit: Filter isn’t applied for ‘unlevelled’ and ‘unclassified’ nodes
    5377 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Lyrics sometimes get truncated
    5411 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Failed DB updated from 2.5.5
    5435 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Path does not get updated when renaming folders in location node.(regression)
    5467 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Multi-attribute fields aren’t displayed correctly in several different cases
    5484 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Library appears empty on fresh scan with Available Tracks filter empty
    5494 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] M4A Can’t be Imported on XP x64
    5505 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Embedded Album Art does not get added to the Covers table on rescan (regression)
    5532 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Auto-analysis freezes MM / Triggers AV on upgrade from 3.0 DB to 3.1 DB
    5554 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Instability after DB upgrade
    5574 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Add/Rescan Stats are broken
    5606 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Year/date not detected in mp3 (converted from flac to mp3 via dbpoweramp)
    5640 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Editing Properties can add track to the Library
    5677 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] MM fails to import empty playlists
    5683 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Criteria Context menu not showing correctly in Edit Filter and View Options
    5702 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Add/rescan input text is ignored
    5752 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] AV on running MM (regression in 1251)
    2432 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Clarify which properties are stored in the db
    3462 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Remove some About panel entries
    4187 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Help updates
    4760 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Afrikaans is spelled incorrectly in ‘About’ dialog
    4818 Fixed [Docs / Localization] MM Help: Getting Started > ‘Manage the Library’ link fails
    4827 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Online help: document Send to <Device> (Synchronize)
    4913 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Update Credits in ‘About’ dialog for MM 3.1
    5049 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Misc strings corrections (prep for localization)
    5096 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Not all masks are documented in the Help file
    5097 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Localization string problems in 3.1
    5102 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] “Update translations: Japanese, Portuguese-BR, Norwegian”
    5127 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] “Update translations: Spanish, German (+New Finnish, Russian MMIP files)”
    5133 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Improved context help for Search bar
    5161 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Updated translations for 3.1 Beta 2
    5251 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Project ID string appears in localized Hotkey panels
    5272 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Document wav tags
    5287 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Update copyright notices for 2009
    5304 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Update online help for MM 3.1
    5332 Fixed [Docs / Localization] German localization is missing shortcuts
    5339 Tweaked [Docs / Localization] Insufficient space for localized text in some languages
    5340 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Untranslated strings
    5508 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Minor typos in German translation
    5564 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Date information format for WMA files documented incorrectly
    5705 Fixed [Docs / Localization] Incorrect link in online help
    5196 Fixed [Documentation] Duplicate Content Help error
    5400 Fixed [Documentation] Help File Mask error
    5351 Fixed [Export] Improve HTML export script
    1586 Fixed [Install/Config] Re-enable alpha warning for prerelease software
    3250 Fixed [Install/Config] Player mode (main/mini/micro) should persist
    3519 Tweaked [Install/Config] ‘Remove underscores when adding filenames’ is unneeded
    4129 Fixed [Install/Config] Proxy password shouldn’t be displayed in clear text
    4231 Fixed [Install/Config] deskplayer.dll can’t be installed on Vista x64
    4280 Fixed [Install/Config] Consistency issue: Change ‘Filters and Views’ to ‘Filters & Views’
    4568 Fixed [Install/Config] Remove ‘forced db robustness’ in installer
    4730 Added [Install/Config] Auto-set default Amazon store based on Geography or language
    4771 Fixed [Install/Config] DBUpgrader progress is visible only when it’s running from MM
    4937 Added [Install/Config] Database upgrade should backup old DB prior to performing upgrade
    4989 Fixed [Install/Config] Initialization of ‘Options’ dialog is slow
    5036 Fixed [Install/Config] Command line parameter for ini file path
    5084 Fixed [Install/Config] Scrolling with the mouse wheel can edit disabled DropDown Controls.
    5098 Fixed [Install/Config] Script configs written to .ini file incorrectly for non-western languages (regression)
    5103 Fixed [Install/Config] Installing build 1205 messes up Toolbar
    5173 Fixed [Install/Config] Removing icons from the Toolbar –> they seem to disappear
    5185 Fixed [Install/Config] Installation Not Creating Export M3U and Export OPML Scripts (regression)
    5193 Tweaked [Install/Config] “Change the post-install initial Add/Rescan to offer “”My Music”” folder, rather than C:\”
    5207 Added [Install/Config] Add AppMutex to setup (to prevent installation/uninstallation while MM is running)
    5213 Fixed [Install/Config] Podcast Destination option is unclear about trailing backslash use/disuse
    5226 Fixed [Install/Config] Options > Performance: UI glitches when translation strings are long
    5229 Fixed [Install/Config] My Computer Node does not respect ‘modify timestamp’ option
    5349 Fixed [Install/Config] Editing Hotkeys: Hitting the play/pause button sometimes adds a single white space character
    5397 Fixed [Install/Config] “Non-skinned version, Quad core: selecting ‘Performance’ sheet in Options leads to ‘List index out of bouds (5)’ error”
    5398 Fixed [Install/Config] Non-skinned version: Selected Auto DJ playlist doesn’t remain visible after re-open of Options dialog
    5547 Fixed [Install/Config] MediaMonkey.ini  problems. (Regression)
    5559 Fixed [Install/Config] Add ‘Play in MediaMonkey…’ explorer menu also for folders
    5613 Fixed [Install/Config] Installer doesn’t default to previously used skin settings on upgrade
    5643 Fixed [Install/Config] Windows Explorer ‘Open with’ context menu has duplicate MediaMonkey entries
    5675 Tweaked [Install/Config] Cosmetic: Vertical alignment issue for ‘When Playback is stopped:’
    5751 Fixed [Install/Config] Toolbar configuration: expanding toolbar can trigger toolbar rename dialog
    5772 Fixed [Install/Config] On clean install Search bar cannot be positioned to the right
    5778 Fixed [Install/Config] Installer configuration of skinless mode doesn’t work correctly
    90 Added [Main Panel] Configurable Toolbar
    132 Fixed [Main Panel] Numbers in Track Titles are Confusing
    685 Added [Main Panel] Duplicates functionality is unintuitive
    1988 Added [Main Panel] Files to Edit: Unlevelled tracks
    2254 Fixed [Main Panel] No Shortcut to  ‘My Desktop’ in MediaMonkey
    2364 Fixed [Main Panel] ‘My Computer’ node infers properties even when ‘infer properties’ is completely disabled
    2524 Added [Main Panel] Add Send-to ‘E-Mail’
    2570 Fixed [Main Panel] Library node should show all tracks in Library
    2635 Fixed [Main Panel] Refresh problem when dragging and dropping between playlists
    2769 Fixed [Main Panel] Context menu editing commands don’t appear in unskinned mode
    2876 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: Multiple track selection doesn’t work correctly
    2973 Fixed [Main Panel] MM doesn’t span/persist properly across multiple monitors
    2997 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View: Image editing functions missing/inconsistent
    2999 Added [Main Panel] Album Art – Details View: Enable for Now Playing
    3082 Added [Main Panel] Party mode: Disable multi-select (revert?)
    3192 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art Panel not resizable after titlebar is hidden
    3272 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: keyboard-based tracklist selection / navigation is inconsistent
    3281 Tweaked [Main Panel] Album Art + Details: all fields should be available as headers
    3416 Fixed [Main Panel] Filters & Views: per filter Track Browser config
    3418 Fixed [Main Panel] Multiple Value Fields: Need clear way of removing tracks and nodes
    3430 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art Views don’t refresh correctly
    3443 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Artist node: Album Artist subnodes aren’t shown if Album title is unknown
    3546 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracklist Horizontal Scrollbar position doesn’t update in some cases
    3566 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art view: if multiple images exist switching to diff. images fails alternately
    3568 Fixed [Main Panel] AA views don’t work properly with tracks without Album Artist
    3575 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details View: Tracks listed in incorrect order sometimes
    3590 Fixed [Main Panel] the clickable area in each section of the navigation toolbar is inconsistent
    3646 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: Currently playing track isn’t always bold
    3653 Tweaked [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: text appears misaligned if Album Title is unknown
    3816 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View: Deleting an Album causes view to completely refresh and lose current position
    3862 Fixed [Main Panel] Skinless mode: Last part of the path in navigation bar has a different font
    3865 Fixed [Main Panel] Tree: Gradient artifact when horizontal scrollbar is moved all the way to the right
    3880 Fixed [Main Panel] Scanning causes tree nodes/tracks/ratings to not be editable
    3992 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details: Many users don’t like the auto-hide / down arrow
    4107 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art Views: scanning in library doesn’t refresh view properly
    4111 Fixed [Main Panel] Past searches cannot be deleted from the tree.
    4139 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: on scan Album can generate multiple entries
    4222 Fixed [Main Panel] Album art Context not Shown Correctly
    4227 Fixed [Main Panel] AA + Details view: using down arrow moves focus to hidden tracks
    4317 Fixed [Main Panel] ‘Unsynchronized tag’ node opening will holds up every other threads
    4379 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: Get Info/Buy not working
    4381 Added [Main Panel] Album Art Views: Mirror effect
    4416 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View : Covers D&D should be available
    4418 Added [Main Panel] Find More from Same Context menu should indicate field values
    4454 Fixed [Main Panel] Some mnemonic characters are missing from Menu Bar
    4555 Fixed [Main Panel] Audio CD Node: Context Menu has many useless functions
    4575 Fixed [Main Panel] MediaMonkey fails to run by Non-Admin user on Vista when General plugins are used
    4593 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracklist right-click Remove menu entry is missing its shortcut key text
    4710 Fixed [Main Panel] Out of resource error for large albums (VirtualTree issue)
    4711 Fixed [Main Panel] In-place Edits of Artist field do not work correctly for case changes
    4731 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View: Clicking selected album causes selection to be lost
    4732 Fixed [Main Panel] Dragging in Album Art or AA + details view may not refresh focus correctly
    4754 Fixed [Main Panel] Filter config can cause device to appear in tree even if not connected (regression)
    4767 Fixed [Main Panel] Scroll wheel in Album Art view becomes ‘uncalibrated’ on large albums
    4788 Fixed [Main Panel] Track browser ‘All’ doesn’t work in Album Art View
    4793 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details doesn’t show highlighted fields in unsynchronized node
    4796 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracklist operations coulds be faster and consuming less memory
    4798 Fixed [Main Panel] Regression : Track# mask doesn’t work well when track’s Track# is set to ‘0’
    4802 Fixed [Main Panel] Hide Title node by default
    4834 Fixed [Main Panel] Tooltip enhancement: show track cover and rating
    4838 Fixed [Main Panel] No easy way to hide/show Music Tree
    4841 Fixed [Main Panel] Toolbars buttons should have smooth transitions like players buttons
    4842 Fixed [Main Panel] Skins: Podcast download icon should be animatable
    4844 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art cache may be stored to root of C: instead of temp directory
    4857 Fixed [Main Panel] Grouping tracks to Unknown albums
    4870 Tweaked [Main Panel] ‘About’ dialog has confusing text
    4877 Fixed [Main Panel] Simplify Tree: show some nodes only when they contain tracks
    4887 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View : groups can show up total count of albums inside of it
    4891 Fixed [Main Panel] Main window default layout improvements
    4894 Fixed [Main Panel] Floating toolbars not labelled / mislabelled / and missing buttons
    4924 Fixed [Main Panel] # column for auto-playlist starts with 0 instead of 1
    4925 Fixed [Main Panel] Don’t show unnecessary tagging progress information on some actions
    4943 Fixed [Main Panel] AA View: Text Exceeds the margins of album art
    4945 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: moused based selection doesn’t work correctly
    4946 Fixed [Main Panel] Net Radio Tree button can’t be shown until restart (regression)
    4959 Fixed [Main Panel] Single click of Track in AA + Details view doesn’t allow tracks to be edited
    4978 Fixed [Main Panel] Users accidentally open Amazon pages
    4979 Fixed [Main Panel] Closing Track Properties can throw an error
    4981 Fixed [Main Panel] Settings to show less than 7 in Album Art View don’t work
    4982 Fixed [Main Panel] Clicking on artist in AA view throw an error
    4983 Fixed [Main Panel] Width of the # column doesn’t persist
    4987 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View : Album & Album Artist is truncated to one character
    4990 Fixed [Main Panel] Track Browser crashes when its columns are customized with some fields (regression)
    4991 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art Window can’t be resized (regression)
    4994 Fixed [Main Panel] Custom Main Tree +/- icons doesn’t persist
    4995 Fixed [Main Panel] Double click on Track Browser doesn’t work as expected
    4996 Fixed [Main Panel] Unicode MP3 Tags broken in MM 3.1 (regression)
    5000 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details : Artist/Album column isn’t remembered
    5009 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracklist is somehow corrupted and tracks are invisible
    5012 Fixed [Main Panel] Some polishing of Toolbar Configuration
    5015 Fixed [Main Panel] Unorganized tracks Bar & Performance [Regression]
    5016 Tweaked [Main Panel] Track order display should be configurable
    5027 Fixed [Main Panel] Scrolling in Album Art View
    5042 Fixed [Main Panel] List background is wrong after restart
    5043 Fixed [Main Panel] Genre delete / refresh issue
    5053 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View: allow sorting by attributes that aren’t album-specific
    5054 Fixed [Main Panel] changing album art view modes affects column order (regression)
    5056 Fixed [Main Panel] Lost of Expansion +/- symbols of Custom Nodes
    5059 Fixed [Main Panel] Freeze on node expansion/contraction at startup
    5067 Fixed [Main Panel] Personal Folders under Location Node don’t function properly (Vista)
    5073 Fixed [Main Panel] Drag & Drop of Tree Nodes to Now Playing doesn’t work
    5074 Fixed [Main Panel] Access Violation after Customizing Standand Toolbar
    5076 Fixed [Main Panel] AV error when opening Options
    5077 Fixed [Main Panel] Toolbars dock and position should persist
    5078 Fixed [Main Panel] Toolbars should persist when changing language
    5079 Fixed [Main Panel] Scripted buttons should stay on toolbar even if toolbar is deleted (from UI)
    5083 Fixed [Main Panel] Improve auto-complete usability for multi-value support and add switch
    5092 Fixed [Main Panel] 3rd column of track browser doesn’t work properly
    5101 Fixed [Main Panel] Auto-suggest Dropdowns: mouse doesn’t behave as expected
    5109 Fixed [Main Panel] Delete command doesn’t work for Composer node
    5116 Fixed [Main Panel] Custom toolbars appear messed up (regression)
    5119 Fixed [Main Panel] Playing track triggers duplicate Locations > My Documents Entry
    5123 Fixed [Main Panel] Auto-Suggest: field can’t be deleted
    5124 Fixed [Main Panel] Ctrl+Enter on empty list can throw an error
    5126 Fixed [Main Panel] Jump buttons on toolbar doesn’t work on first use
    5128 Fixed [Main Panel] Default selection in AA view should be on first album
    5137 Fixed [Main Panel] One-click rating works even if tracklist doesn’t have focus
    5141 Fixed [Main Panel] “Remove on Tracks is disabled in “”Library\Artist\<Artist>\<Album>”” node (regression)”
    5145 Fixed [Main Panel] Forward/Backward history not saved properly
    5171 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details View : memory usage on startup is huge
    5172 Fixed [Main Panel] View: Album Art mode doesn’t persist on restart
    5178 Fixed [Main Panel] Inconsistent sort order for ‘Unknown’ tracks between Album Art and Details views
    5180 Fixed [Main Panel] Access Violation When Selecting Node
    5183 Fixed [Main Panel] Switching from Details to Album Art + Details and back results in last column moving to the front
    5191 Fixed [Main Panel] Some keyboard shortcuts don’t work
    5192 Fixed [Main Panel] Minilyrics embedder prevents Menus from being opened
    5202 Fixed [Main Panel] Send To > Email fails (regression)
    5203 Fixed [Main Panel] Custom Back/Forward buttons miss history drop down
    5211 Fixed [Main Panel] New nodes/tracks added to wrong position of Tree/Tracklist on scan (regression)
    5218 Fixed [Main Panel] 1214 Multiple file properties cause debug crash
    5234 Fixed [Main Panel] Skin change and selected state
    5235 Fixed [Main Panel] Minor interface bugs
    5240 Fixed [Main Panel] Panel titlebar caption is too large
    5242 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details : Covers disappear when changing Album Art column size
    5243 Fixed [Main Panel] Tree titlebar missing close button
    5247 Fixed [Main Panel] Genre node does not read track separators correctly
    5248 Fixed [Main Panel] MediaMonkey displays incorrect bitrate
    5263 Fixed [Main Panel] Header (Column) height is ignored in skins
    5264 Fixed [Main Panel] Tree History doesn’t work well when node’s title gets changed
    5269 Fixed [Main Panel] Active control in skinned MM is not remembered when removing focus
    5271 Fixed [Main Panel] Application Focus Problem in skinned MediaMonkey
    5288 Fixed [Main Panel] MediaMonkey can freeze when fast scrolling in AA view
    5294 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details occasionally throws an GDI error
    5295 Fixed [Main Panel] Now Playing: # column contents are hidden even when the column is wide enough to contain them
    5296 Fixed [Main Panel] View and Search toolbar cannot be placed on same row as Navigation Toolbar
    5297 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: refresh problems on switching to view (regression)
    5299 Fixed [Main Panel] Tree: Genre > Artist doesn’t display Album Artists
    5305 Fixed [Main Panel] Switching from AA+Details to AA and then to Details can throw an error
    5307 Fixed [Main Panel] Vertical scrollbar missing in AA views when large font size used
    5315 Fixed [Main Panel] Cannot delete tracks when in Library node
    5323 Fixed [Main Panel] Changing search mode doesn’t update search mode until new node is selected
    5331 Fixed [Main Panel] Switching to party mode with modified toolbars can crash
    5338 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art: Locked aspect ratio can be too restrictive
    5358 Fixed [Main Panel] Changing artist in tracklist can throw an error
    5360 Fixed [Main Panel] Custom buttons on View toolbar have no icon
    5374 Fixed [Main Panel] Scan directory: Locations node doesn’t refresh with scanned tracks
    5376 Fixed [Main Panel] Find more from same folder doesn’t work in AA+Details view
    5380 Fixed [Main Panel] MM gets stuck after startup and doesn’t work normal
    5389 Fixed [Main Panel] Jumps from AA+Details view can fail
    5399 Fixed [Main Panel] Switching from AA to AA+D throws an error in skinless mode
    5401 Fixed [Main Panel] Abum Art window disapears on drag & drop
    5402 Fixed [Main Panel] ‘Find More from same’ is empty in main panel when Now Playing is undocked
    5417 Fixed [Main Panel] Refresh problem after volume leveling calculation (regression)
    5434 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracklists scrollbar position issue (skinned version)
    5446 Fixed [Main Panel] Many tree nodes have useless Properties entry in context menu (regression)
    5451 Fixed [Main Panel] Setting font size to >= 40% causes flickering in mask selector
    5455 Fixed [Main Panel] Clicking on album in AA view node calling buy/get info even it should not (regression)
    5456 Fixed [Main Panel] Edit of Album Subnode fails to update the Tree
    5457 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracks can fail to refresh in the Artist > Album node
    5460 Fixed [Main Panel] CTRL+ALT+UP (DOWN) volume adjustment doesn’t update player volume slider
    5465 Fixed [Main Panel] MM can crash when copying/removing playlists in main explorer tree
    5469 Fixed [Main Panel] Incorrect Year Displayed in My Computer Node
    5477 Fixed [Main Panel] Paste of playlists is disabled in the Playlist node
    5483 Fixed [Main Panel] ‘Paste’ is enabled after MM restart
    5496 Fixed [Main Panel] TAB key doesn’t work beyond the Rating column
    5526 Fixed [Main Panel] Expanding ‘Title’ node can freeze MM for minutes on some systems
    5537 Fixed [Main Panel] Fast clicking on playlists in MM tree can cause playlists to disappear (regression)
    5542 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art view doesn’t refresh with newly tagged Album Art
    5545 Fixed [Main Panel] critical error: index out of bounds on startup 1237/1240 xp 64bit
    5553 Fixed [Main Panel] Sleep volume doesn’t fade properly
    5555 Tweaked [Main Panel] Missing field in Tracklist / Track Browser
    5557 Fixed [Main Panel] Tree pop menu is scrambled/incorrectly drawn sometimes.
    5569 Fixed [Main Panel] Cancelling Paste of album Art triggers shift in tracklist
    5573 Tweaked [Main Panel] Playlist nodes > Remove : indication of DEL shortcut is missing
    5576 Fixed [Main Panel] Ampersand Not correctly shown in Find More from same
    5582 Fixed [Main Panel] Skinned mode: SHIFT doesn’t select text in text-edit controls
    5583 Fixed [Main Panel] CTRL-Z fails when editing Tree / Tracklist properties in-place
    5586 Tweaked [Main Panel] Clean install to Vista has many dialogs that are misaligned
    5589 Fixed [Main Panel] AA Views fail to update on Album Art Removal
    5611 Fixed [Main Panel] Occasional AV at startup
    5627 Fixed [Main Panel] ALT doesn’t activate menu bar correctly
    5635 Fixed [Main Panel] Miniplayer: tabbing through fields doesn’t work
    5636 Fixed [Main Panel] Menu bar doesn’t adjust shortcuts in response to hotkey changes
    5647 Fixed [Main Panel] Unskinned mode: repaint problems
    5648 Fixed [Main Panel] Floating Now Playing Window: focus problems
    5653 Fixed [Main Panel] Tracklist moves by itself whenever tracks are tagged
    5665 Fixed [Main Panel] Hotkey shortcuts (f7 f8 etc) fail to function (regression)
    5668 Fixed [Main Panel] Home key can jump to End in some cases
    5669 Fixed [Main Panel] Ctrl-A (select all) broken in Album Art and Details view after editing a track
    5679 Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: ‘show all tracks’ indicator is obscured in some cases
    5694 Fixed [Main Panel] Reading tracks… isn’t shown for all longer queries
    5699 Fixed [Main Panel] Right-click in tracklist can show incorrect popup menu
    5709 Tweaked [Main Panel] Some menu commands are missing ellipsis
    5713 Fixed [Main Panel] Tab order on main panel is incorrect
    5720 Fixed [Main Panel] Now Playing / AA + Details View: Find more from same is broken (regression)
    5737 Fixed [Main Panel] Undocked Now Playing window: Focus problems
    5741 Tweaked [Main Panel] Album Art View: Track selection text is truncated
    5742 Fixed [Main Panel] Blanking out Artist in tree sets focus incorrectly (Regression)
    5743 Fixed [Main Panel] Inconsistent selection of tracks with mouse
    5744 Fixed [Main Panel] ALT key may appear not to work
    5753 Fixed [Main Panel] View: Properties / Equalizer shortcuts can enable but can’t disable views
    5762 Fixed [Main Panel] Send to -> Folder (Copy) tries to copy to wrong location on Vista/Windows 7
    5769 Fixed [Main Panel] MediaMonkey appears to rate a track other than the one being rated
    5774 Fixed [Main Panel] Navigation bar is included in TAB sequence
    2036 Fixed [Now Playing] Auto-DJ isn’t random enough
    2587 Added [Now Playing] Add Play Next / Play Last options to Now Playing
    2670 Fixed [Now Playing] Deleting the currently playing track –> next track doesn’t show up in Now Playing
    3445 Fixed [Now Playing] Tooltips don’t work in Now Playing node
    3446 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing shouldn’t reposition to centre in response to user interaction
    3558 Fixed [Now Playing] Cannot edit tracks in Now Playing (regression)
    3805 Added [Now Playing] Increase playcounts differently for Music and Audiobooks/Podcasts
    3843 Tweaked [Now Playing] Play all in Podcast node should stream podcasts that aren’t downloaded
    4003 Fixed [Now Playing] “Now Playing: If shuffle is enabled, and NP track is deleted, next track doesn’t come into focus”
    4074 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing menu items are hidden when ‘Show Play Controls’ is enabled
    4156 Fixed [Now Playing] Floating Now Player: focus conflicts with Tracklist focus –> possible incorrect operations
    4303 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing window often shifts horizontally
    4407 Fixed [Now Playing] Auto-DJ adds multiple identical tracks in some cases
    4589 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing: not refreshing tracks info when plugging-in drive
    4799 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing: double-click selected track edits it in some cases
    4876 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing panel does not show number of files or # selected files in status bar
    4880 Tweaked [Now Playing] “Now Playing Transparency, Always on Top unavailable”
    5002 Fixed [Now Playing] Pop-up info panel appears even if Now Playing is empty
    5005 Fixed [Now Playing] Pop up panel ‘Show only when inactive’ setting doesn’t work
    5094 Fixed [Now Playing] Find More From Same -> Folder (Explorer) issues (regression)
    5306 Fixed [Now Playing] Tagging tracks in NP list can throw an error
    5327 Fixed [Now Playing] Can’t delete Tempo/Mood/Occasion/Quality in Now Playing
    5337 Fixed [Now Playing] Del key in Now Playing node doesn’t work in album art view
    5390 Fixed [Now Playing] ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Album Art with Details’ view sort problems
    5395 Fixed [Now Playing] Auto DJ optimization regarding to Add tracks from: Playlist option
    5433 Fixed [Now Playing] Some Get info/Buy links do not work in AAwD view
    5473 Fixed [Now Playing] Double-click sometimes opens ‘Buy from Amazon’ web page
    5476 Fixed [Now Playing] TAB key doesn’t work in Now Playing Window / Node
    5500 Fixed [Now Playing] Linked Album Art doesn’t display for currently playing track on restart
    5536 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing scrolls by itself in cases where user wouldn’t want it to
    5550 Tweaked [Now Playing] D&D to now playing: icon is incorrect if SHIFT is held down
    5592 Fixed [Now Playing] AA + Details View: Album art refreshes twice in Now Playing
    5620 Fixed [Now Playing] Live rating in Now Playing doesn’t working in MiniPlayer mode
    5659 Fixed [Now Playing] Now Playing (AA + Details): multiple tracks from same album are combined
    5698 Fixed [Now Playing] Live rating doesn’t working in floating Now Playing window
    5700 Fixed [Now Playing] Find More From Same in floating NP window doesn’t working correctly
    51 Fixed [Other] Errors interrupt Caching/Normalization/Conversion/Synchronization Operations
    2255 Fixed [Other] Auto-complete messes up capitalization
    2430 Fixed [Other] Handling Multimedia Keyboard APPCOMMAND_MEDIA Keys sometimes misses
    2686 Fixed [Other] Decrease memory requirements of internal data structures
    2835 Fixed [Other] “Visualization throws “”Out of memory”””
    2917 Added [Other] Skins: Add option to include custom icons within a skin
    2947 Fixed [Other] Make MM accessible to blind users
    3015 Fixed [Other] Add an option to manually create an Eureka debug log
    3102 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: fields are sometimes assigned metadata that doesn’t make sense
    3107 Fixed [Other] Automatic Tab Order
    3252 Added [Other] Podcasts: Import / Export OPML
    3340 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: Add ability to download episodes based on time
    3372 Fixed [Other] Skins: Micromonkey displays incorrectly in some cases
    3444 Fixed [Other] MediaMonkey tray icon shouldn’t display when microplayer is active
    3460 Fixed [Other] Optimize performance of some parts of MM
    3475 Fixed [Other] Party Mode isn’t completely locked (Crlt+Alt+Del and media keys)
    3500 Fixed [Other] context menu inconsistencies and improvements re. ‘Options’
    3526 Fixed [Other] Cannot focus invisible window and switch between Players
    3548 Tweaked [Other] Filters ‘Gold’ warning is too ‘Naggy’
    3588 Fixed [Other] More (general functionality) hotkeys should be available
    3591 Fixed [Other] hiding root nodes is not reflected in the navigation toolbar
    3592 Fixed [Other] Skinning: AA+Details expand triangle should be skinnable & support transparency
    3608 Added [Other] Skins: Improvements to support SilverDream skin
    3621 Fixed [Other] Global Album Art image location is missing ‘Any’ option for some users.
    3691 Tweaked [Other] Popups display incorrectly with Geiss Vis
    3703 Fixed [Other] MediaMonkey focus problem: pressing cancel in modal dialogs minimizes to taskbar
    3764 Fixed [Other] Unskinned Player: Vista-style navigation toolbar text doesn’t fit in buttons
    3791 Tweaked [Other] Change ‘panning left / right’ to balance left/right
    3908 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: Expanding a Podcast can look like MM is frozen
    3946 Fixed [Other] Use multi-kernel processor more efficiently
    3947 Fixed [Other] Debug logs should contain full version number
    3993 Fixed [Other] Tabbed dialogs: <ctrl><tab> doesn’t switch between tabs
    4065 Fixed [Other] Single Key Hotkeys are active when editing
    4075 Tweaked [Other] Capitalization cleanup of field names
    4151 Fixed [Other] Debug Log (via dbgview) should log correct / full version number
    4170 Fixed [Other] Hotkey: General: Focus tracklist on currently playing item – doesn’t bring track into focus
    4212 Tweaked [Other] Create new default background images
    4294 Fixed [Other] Issues with Large / Extra Large fonts
    4369 Fixed [Other] Global hotkeys stop working after locking & unlocking (regression)
    4409 Fixed [Other] Hotkeys: minimize / maximize window
    4413 Fixed [Other] Date field resets in some cases
    4475 Fixed [Other] Specific corrupted WAV files can freeze MM
    4508 Fixed [Other] Some podcasts that have embedded user/pass in the feed URL appear empty
    4701 Fixed [Other] Mask Edit : Hiding masks list using ‘>>’ button misses caret position in Destination edit
    4742 Fixed [Other] Missing/Incorrect hotkeys: General: Go to Artist Node goes to Artist & Album Artist node
    4749 Fixed [Other] Explorer integration doesn’t work correctly in Vista
    4769 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: Need to add <guid> episode tag to the database
    4774 Fixed [Other] “AAC Format plugins don’t have version #, and both have the same name”
    4777 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: PubDate field of the PodcastEpisodes table doesn’t get populated with the time portion
    4778 Fixed [Other] Multi value support enhancements
    4790 Added [Other] Integrate with HDtracks
    4801 Fixed [Other] Some opml dirs cannot be imported
    4806 Tweaked [Other] Tracks storage internal changes
    4813 Fixed [Other] Some unicode characters are displayed badly in OPML dirs
    4816 Fixed [Other] “Renaming genre to include word “”podcast”” causes grey subscriptions to appear”
    4826 Fixed [Other] Customizeable toolbars
    4828 Fixed [Other] Thread creation error: Not enough storage is available to process this command.
    4829 Fixed [Other] Amazon purchases: affiliate links don’t seem to work for non-english builds
    4830 Fixed [Other] History should remember track selection
    4849 Fixed [Other] Default OPML directories: is broken
    4850 Fixed [Other] No way to browse/search content of all OPML directories at once.
    4851 Fixed [Other] Some podcasts (with ASP code in their feed) fails.
    4852 Fixed [Other] OPML directories: filling the Feed list by feeds could be faster
    4864 Fixed [Other] Unsubscribe and Delete podcasts do not delete Playing Episode
    4865 Added [Other] CoClass SDBFileSystem Do not have MoveFile VBScript feature
    4872 Fixed [Other] Don’t show previously removed episodes in feed list
    4875 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: Lines are not properly broken in Episode’s comment + subscription can get bad description
    4882 Fixed [Other] Regression: AllMusic Listen links are not handeled correctly
    4884 Fixed [Other] SDB.Database.ActiveFilterQuery returns empty string in some cases
    4889 Fixed [Other] Skinning : Close button on dialogs is cut off
    4890 Fixed [Other] Updating podcasts: manually downloaded episodes are not deleted from the queue in some cases
    4892 Fixed [Other] Some toolbars are missing close buttons and the navigation toolbar is not labeled
    4902 Fixed [Other] WMP11 x64 and CD rip to  WAVE Format  incomapatibility.
    4917 Fixed [Other] MM can’t read/write tag from some MP4 files (HEv2 AAC – Nero encoded)
    4919 Fixed [Other] Skinning : MM blinks while changing skin
    4927 Fixed [Other] Regression: Seeking doesn’t work when playing audio CDs
    4936 Fixed [Other] Deleted tracks dialog can throw an error
    4992 Fixed [Other] Tray icon never shows up in some cases
    4993 Fixed [Other] Occasional crashes when minimized to micro player
    5001 Fixed [Other] Regression: Some podcast feeds no longer work
    5003 Fixed [Other] Auto-complete : functionality is very slow on large databases
    5008 Fixed [Other] Update All Podcasts finds no new podcasts (regression)
    5013 Fixed [Other] Podcast: Some downloaded episodes are mal-linked in Library
    5014 Tweaked [Other] Improved messaging for creating new hotkeys
    5020 Tweaked [Other] UI and context help string changes for 3.1
    5026 Fixed [Other] Regression: Podcast: Newest episode incorrectly determined.
    5032 Fixed [Other] Auto-Tag from Web when in AA view can throw an error
    5038 Fixed [Other] Scanned tracks not shown for Dead Subscriptions
    5039 Fixed [Other] Remove Playlist field from Synch* tables
    5051 Fixed [Other] Podcast: Directory: OPML parse error – Subscription name may be truncated
    5058 Fixed [Other] Optimize several actions
    5060 Fixed [Other] Error log form: [Save as Playlist] button should save regular MM playlist (not M3U as currently does)
    5062 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: cannot delete Dead subscriptions
    5064 Fixed [Other] Truncated Text when Large fonts are used
    5085 Fixed [Other] Error on MM starting when changed default hotkeys
    5090 Fixed [Other] “Podcast: Scan misses adding “”duplicates”” to PodcastEpisodes.”
    5091 Fixed [Other] Podcast: Re-scanned tracks not re-linked to existing episodes (regression)
    5099 Fixed [Other] Icon customization: some icons don’t get replaced when included in skin
    5117 Fixed [Other] New icons for custom toolbar actions & Extensions
    5122 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: Tags from downloaded episodes are incorrectly rewritten sometimes
    5140 Fixed [Other] Some keyboard problems with auto-suggestion tool
    5148 Fixed [Other] “Need “”Cancel”” for TOC read errors”
    5149 Fixed [Other] MM freeze on Vista when reading CD-Text for a particular CD sometimes (issue with autostart)
    5157 Fixed [Other] MM crashed on close when clipboard used for tracks
    5167 Tweaked [Other] Remove OS mentions from UI
    5168 Fixed [Other] MilkDrop visualization still shows old MM logo on startup
    5177 Fixed [Other] Mini-Player: transparency problems
    5181 Fixed [Other] MM Stalls on startup while loading d_iphone.dll
    5188 Fixed [Other] Browse for Folder dialog doesn’t work correctly
    5197 Fixed [Other] Duplicate Content dialog title error
    5208 Fixed [Other] “Active Filter ignored: Files to edit -> unsyncronized tags, Dead-links, Inconsistent Album Art”
    5221 Fixed [Other] Change default Podcast download mask
    5228 Fixed [Other] Searching for missing tracks on network problem
    5230 Fixed [Other] Proxy setting configuration doesn’t work as expected
    5237 Fixed [Other] “Some podcast downloads say “”Cannot create file…”””
    5239 Fixed [Other] Focus tracklist on currently playing item only works in Now Playing
    5244 Tweaked [Other] Enter should not close dialog when suggestion list is visible
    5255 Fixed [Other] m3u handling buffer overflow error
    5259 Fixed [Other] MediaMonkey fails to start on Win2K (regression)
    5281 Fixed [Other] Single key hotkeys are active in Searchbar (regression)
    5300 Fixed [Other] Skinned mode: Remote Desktop into MM causes crashes
    5302 Fixed [Other] Usage of AutoPlaylist in AutoOrganize can throw an error
    5310 Fixed [Other] Hotkeys: After 3 seconds of holding part of the hotkey combination the hotkey stops being recognized by MM
    5311 Fixed [Other] Hotkeys do not override other actions sometimes (regression)
    5320 Fixed [Other] Starting unskinned MM keeps custom icons
    5322 Fixed [Other] Scrolling in combo sometimes doesn’t update suggestion list
    5330 Fixed [Other] Party mode doesn’t work
    5343 Fixed [Other] Pasting new cover can crash MM
    5347 Fixed [Other] WAV metadata Track Number ‘itrk’ not supported on some devices
    5352 Fixed [Other] Find more from same on right-click can throw an error
    5355 Fixed [Other] Active filter is not correctly applied in Duplicated Tracks Node
    5359 Fixed [Other] Changing height of the VT to 0 can throw an error
    5361 Fixed [Other] Error on closing if Help is open (regression)
    5367 Tweaked [Other] Showing PlayCount in tracklist should not load additional data from database
    5372 Added [Other] Replace Casino Orange with Vitreous blue
    5373 Fixed [Other] IE8 triggers connection problems (wininet error) on Vista / Windows 2008
    5388 Fixed [Other] UI issues on larger fonts
    5392 Fixed [Other] Font size setting in options broken due to localization
    5408 Fixed [Other] Non-skinned version: Some controls are visible even if they should be hidden
    5412 Fixed [Other] Update Vitreous Blue skin
    5419 Tweaked [Other] Icon missing from icon pak posted to wiki
    5424 Fixed [Other] Spelling error in the Error report dialog
    5427 Fixed [Other] Album Art Window doesn’t display correctly when Titlebar is hidden
    5428 Tweaked [Other] Milkdrop configuration: context help for ‘show logo’ is incorrect
    5439 Fixed [Other] “Some “”mms://”” radio streams don’t play”
    5452 Fixed [Other] Update credits to mention re. icons used in VitreousBlue skin
    5459 Fixed [Other] MM shows incorrect content of m3u playlists under My Computer node
    5462 Fixed [Other] Adding M3U via menu ‘File -> Open URL or file’ fails for http:// M3U locations
    5470 Fixed [Other] Hotkeys: Locking PC causes all keys to be treated as if CTRL is pressed
    5485 Fixed [Other] “Active filter is incorrectly implemented in the “”Artist & Album Artist””-Node”
    5497 Fixed [Other] New OGG standard vorbis comment for cover art
    5504 Fixed [Other] Podcasts: Pressing ‘Delete’ key on the ‘Edit Subscription’ dialog triggers ‘Unsubscribe’ dialog
    5511 Fixed [Other] Accessible tracks doesn’t work correctly for UNC names (regression)
    5514 Fixed [Other] “Podcast directories: Remove “””” from podcast directories”
    5517 Fixed [Other] Multimediakeys repeat 2-3 times on some systems
    5523 Tweaked [Other] Update Geiss to v4.28
    5549 Fixed [Other] Vitreous blue: buttons don’t show when they’re in focus
    5585 Fixed [Other] Podcast episode downloads may be incomplete (due to network interruption)
    5593 Fixed [Other] Some Labels are too short when using large fonts
    5594 Fixed [Other] Hotkey action: Stop After Current is missing
    5604 Tweaked [Other] Glided: Player Pop up text is larger than it should be
    5605 Fixed [Other] Add digital signatures to requests to Amazon
    5617 Fixed [Other] Skins fail to adjust header size on skin switch
    5624 Fixed [Other] Popup window doesn’t work (regression)
    5673 Fixed [Other] Auto-Tag from Web Genre drop-down blank
    5676 Fixed [Other] Freeeze reports are not automatically generated
    5703 Fixed [Other] Automatic podcasts update shows error log (regression)