XPize v5.0 Release 4

XPize v5.0 Release 4 Añade una mejora visual a Windows XP que cambiará iconos y animaciones del sistema operativo. XPize sustituye elementos de Windows XP algo obsoletos de anteriores versiones del sistema operativo.


XPize v5.0 Release 4 Instala varios programas, como TaskSwitchXP, así como varios packs para cambiar las pantalla de inicio y de arranque de Windows, salvapantallas, etc…

Descargar:XPize v5.0 Release 4

Puede que necesites Microsoft NET Framework 

Descargar:.NET Framework (with Service Pack 1) for 32-bit Windows XP

Descargar:.NET Framework (with Service Pack 1) for 64-bit Windows XP

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión XPize v5.0 Release 4

•New since XPize 4.x
?Full x64 and XP SP3 support (including XPx64 winbrand image)
?Internet Explorer 8 support
?More visual styles and wallpapers
?More bitmap styles (including Luna Element and XPize 3.x’s own Energy Blue style)
?Includes xpize Darkside (courtesy of Antonio King)
?XP 7-Zip skin and icons
?Numerous little things
?Full MMC3.0 support
?Intelligent icon patcher replaces icon subimages, rather than deleting them
•New since the last release (Beta 3)
?Numerous bug fixes
?Better I386 support, including AMD64 support
?Brings back the clock face bitmap (English only)
?And fixes the System Performance control panel (English only)
?And other little things

Known Issues

There’s only a few known issues with this release which, I think, can be safely ignored:

•Users of non-English Windows may find their shell32.dll and other files go over some undefined size limit which causes incompatibilities with some programs. If anyone has this issue it’s important you let us know.
?Swedish and Simplified Chinese aren’t full translations, they’re missing a few strings
?There are a few English strings that aren’t localised. You will only see these under error conditions or at the end of uninstallation
?Uninstallation has been tested, but not to the same extent as installation. During my testing on x64 it seemed to go by okay, except cursors aren’t restored and your window title font won’t be reset. This is easily corrected by just flipping your visual style selection on-and-off.
?Font antialiasing settings are not restored by uninstalling. You can manually change this via the Display control panel
?My Boot.ini classes haven’t been tested on a dual-boot system. They apply the bootlogo to the default OS and assume boot.ini takes the format of the Windows XP version. If you are running a dual-boot system, report any difficulties.

As always, it requires the .NET Framework 2.0 (Click here if you’re on x86, or here if you’re on x64) otherwise you’ll get errors about the application not starting right.


GoodSync sincroniza entre dos ordenadores o entre el PC y tu dispositivo de memoria USB.

El programa permite seleccionar  la hora de crear copias sincronizadas de los ficheros seleccionados, bien en una sola dirección (ideal para crear copias de seguridad), bien en dos direcciones, con seguimiento de todos los cambios para prevenir la pérdida de datos.

GoodSync uses an innovative synchronization algorithm to synchronize your data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and more. GoodSync combines bulletproof reliability with an extremely easy to use interface.



Descargar:Goodsync v7.9.0.0 Windows XP/Vista 64-bit

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión GoodSync
* New socket-based implementations for DAV, S3 and FTP file systems, no WinInet required.
* DAV, S3 and FTP: allow upload/download of files larger than 2Gb.
* DAV: Fix handling of redirects.
* Amazon S3: switch to host-based addressing of buckets, so now Euro S3 works.
* Amazon S3: automatically set Content-Type of files when uploading.
* Amazon S3: lower-case bucket names when GS creates them as top folders.
* FTP: ping control connection once a minute when long download/upload runs.
* FTP: implement FTPS (FTP over SSL), both Explicit and Implicit mode.
* FTP: fix name encoding of non-latin file names in MDTM SET.
* Secure and Allow Bad Certificates options now appear in DAV, S3 and FTP file system.
* Allow to specify Proxy for DAV, S3 and HTTP connections, including authenticated proxies.
* Add Separate installer for GoodSync2Go.
* Dynamic View buttons: show only buttons that have non-zero counts on them.

MyDefrag v4.1 Final

MyDefrag v4.1 Final es un optimizador y desfragmentador de disco (una utilidad de mantenimiento para que su disco duro funcione más rápido) para Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, y para X64. Es gratuito, sin límite de tiempo, completamente funcional, sin publicidad.

Con muchas estrategias de optimización, puede manejar disquetes, discos USB, Memory Sticks, y cualquier cosa que parece un disco de Windows. Se incluyen una serie de fáciles  secuencias de comandos para los usuarios más exigentes un combinado de comandos de Windows y la versión que puede ser programada por el programador de tareas de Windows o para el uso de scripts de administrador.


Soporta Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 32 & 64-bit


Descargar:MyDefrag v4.1 Final

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión MyDefrag v4.1 Final

* Added a special version of the SetFileColor() setting that can be used outside a VolumeSelect, for example in the Settings.MyD script.
    * It is now possible to use macro’s in any STRING.
    * Added some keyboard keys: “F1” Open the manual. “Space” Pause / Continue “CTRL-C” Copy the path of the file under the mouse to the clipboard. “+” Zoom in. “-” Zoom out. “Arrow up” Scroll 8 pixels up. “Arrow down” Scroll 8 pixels up. “Home” Scroll to top. “End” Scroll to bottom. “Page Up” Scroll up half a page. “Page Down” Scroll down half a page.
    * Added the “!RunTime!” macro.
    * Added the “!Include!” macro.
    * Added Japanese translation.
    * Fixed the screensaver so it will add double-quotes around the name of the selected script.
    * Made some changes in PreventScreenSaving() and PreventPowerSaving() in the hope of solving a bug where running MyDefrag disables screen- and powersaving in Windows.
    * Added some extra paths to find scripts, see the RunScript manual page.
    * Added Slovenian translation.
    * Changed the location of the debug logfile. Previously it was the current directory, now it is the installation directory. Also changed the name of the screensaver debug logfile into “MyDefrag.debuglog” (previously “MyDefragScreenSaver.debuglog”).
    * Added Portuguese translation.
    * Changed the default for the OtherInstances() setting from “exit” into “ask”.
    * Replaced the ExitIfOnBatteryPower() command with the BatteryPower() setting. Previously the program would exit without warning if the computer was running on battery power. Now it will show a popup window asking if it should continue.
    * Changed the vacate policy. If there is no gap large enough for the item to be vacated then the program will now take the largest gap available, instead of the first gap.
    * Created a workaround for the SortByName() fileaction and the root directory on NTFS volumes. Previously it would ignore the root directory, now it will always place the root directory as the very first directory.
    * Added Turkish translation.

Slim Browser 4.12 Build 009

Slim Browser 4.12 Build 009 es un navegador Web con funciones extras , traducción en línea, Blacklists (lista negra / Blanca … filtrado de contenidos)…


Con un interfaz totalmente personalizable mediante el uso de skins y lo mejor es que te permite navegar por diferentes páginas por medio de pestañas.


Descargar:Slim Browser 4.12 Build 009

Cambios en SlimBrowser Slim Browser 4.12 Build 009

Fixed bug with scripting inside frames from a different domain. The built-in form filler and keyword highlight tool is now able to step into subframes from another domain.
Included a larger predefined black list into universal url filter.
Added “Search in Current Site” into Edit menu.
Added support for the prompting of search suggestions with the quicksearch box.
Fixed bug for google and babelfish translator.
Bug fix: open multiple home pages when clicking the homepage button.
New shortcut key: ctrl+T to create a new tab (ctrl+N still works for the same purpose).
Added support to clean history by a single domain name (accessible from menu tools->privacy->clean trace by domain)
Changed default scriptpad file type to jscript.
Fixed bug with script pad when viewing html file source code. Added file-type auto-detect capability.
Added script error status indicator.
Support up to 1024 autologin entries.
Added spell check as toolbar button. You can customize the toolbar to add this new button.

Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.0

Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.0 es un gestor de particiones gratuito.


Con esta utilidad los usuarios poco experimentados pueden realizar complicadas operaciones , como cambiar el  tamaño de las particiones, copiar particiones, crear particiones, eliminar particiones, Formato partición, Convertir partición ,  Explorar particiones, ocultar partición, Cambiar letra de unidad, Establecer la partición activa y Partición de recuperación,Convertir el formato de partición de FAT a NTFS, Copiar todo el disco duro a otro, Ampliar la partición del sistema para mejorar el rendimiento del equipo al máximo…



Descargar:Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.0

AppRemover RC1

AppRemover RC1 es una aplicación  especializada en la desinstalación de aplicaciones de seguridad tales como antivirus y antispyware.


Cuando utilizar AppRemover:
– Cuando se sustituye a una aplicación de seguridad por otra.
– Cuando el proceso de desinstalación falla.
– Si ha olvidado la contraseña de la aplicación

AppRemover es gratuito para su uso personal, no comercial.


Descargar:AppRemover RC1

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión AppRemover RC1

Changed the colors of the Supported/Experimental products in the GUI.
Improved support for Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.
Improved support for AVG products.
Improved core handling of device drivers.
Added security measures.

Any Video Converter Free 2.7.6

Any Video Converter Free 2.7.6 es un conversor de vídeo gratuito, convierte vídeos entre diversos formatos, Puede convertir casi todos los formatos video incluyendo DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI a MPEG-4 de formato de películas para PSP portátil u otro dispositivo de video, reproductor MP4 o teléfono móvil.


Lee los formatos : WMV, ASF, VOB, MPG, DV, M1V, M2V, MOV, MPEG-4, 3GP, RM, RMVB y FLV.
Y convierte: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 , MPEG-4.


Descargar:Any Video Converter Free 2.7.6

Songbird 1.3.0 Beta 1

Songbird 1.3.0 Beta 1 es una alternativa a iTunes. Está construido en la plataforma XULRunner de Mozilla. Gracias a ello, Songbird funciona en aquellos ordenadores con Windows, Mac OS X, y Linux.

Songbird utiliza el plugin del cliente VideoLAN (VLC) para la reproducción multimedia, y SQLite como motor de almacenamiento para la biblioteca multimedia.


De acuerdo con las notas de liberación de Songbird  , las actuales características son:

  • Compatibilidad multiplataforma con Microsoft Windows, en sus versiones 2000 y XP, así como Mac OS X (PowerPC, Intel) y Linux (i686, x86_64).
  • Capacidad de reproducir archivos de múltiples formatos, como MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC y Windows Media Audio.
  • Una interfaz personalizable.
  • Los archivos multimedia almacenados en páginas web se muestran como archivos reproducibles en Songbird.
  • Descarga de archivos MP3 y suscripciones RSS incorporadas.
  • La capacidad de suscribirse a blogs de mp3 así como listas de reproducción.
  • Favoritos creados por el usuarios.
  • Capacidad de construir mezclas personalizadas.
  • Capacidad de escanear el computador del usuario en busca de archivos de audio para agregarlos a la librería local.
  • Una interfaz gráfica de usuario configurable y plegable, así como el modo de mini-reproductor.
  • Atajos del teclado y teclados multimedia soportados.
  • Actualizaciones automáticas.



Descargar:Songbird 1.3.0 Beta 1  Windows

Descargar:Songbird 1.3.0 Beta 1 Linux

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Songbird 1.3.0 Beta 1
MSC (Mass Storage Class) Support (Windows only)
Songbird now includes basic support for managing music on MSC devices. This functionality is currently only available on Windows.

XULRunner Localization
All of the UI elements that Songbird inherits directly from XULRunner will display in the correct localized translation when a translation is available.

Metadata Editing for WMA and AAC
Songbird now supports metadata editing for WMA and AAC files.

•IMA ADPCM WAV files do not play back in Songbird ( bug 17212).
•The option to ignore an MSC device is available, but the option to clear the list of ignored devices is not yet available ( bug 16798).
•Editing the Genre field in AAC files causes corruption of the Genre field ( bug 17210).
•Variable bit rate WMA and mp3 files are transcoded to 128kbps WMA, even though the device supports the original format. ( bug 17214).
•Songbird cannot mount more than one MSC device simultaneously if the devices are plugged in before Songbird is launched ( bug 17081).
•Transcoding progress always shows 0% on the device summary page during transcoding operations ( bug 17215).
•The device name is not updated on the device summary page after formatting the device through Songbird ( bug 17216).
Below are the high profile bugs/issues which are known to still be open for this release. You can also check the Common Duplicates page for lesser profile known issues.


•For playback of DRM-encrypted files, make sure you have gone to store from which you purchased those tracks to learn how to authorize your computer to play them. Songbird will be able to play DRM-encrypted tracks as soon as your machine has been authorized.
•The following are not yet supported by Songbird (will be planned for future releases):

?Video Import and Playback, Podcast Subscriptions and Playback, CD Rip and Burn

•We’ve attempted to address the requests for native iPhone and iPod Touch support by including the two-way iTunes synchronization feature. Let us know how this alternative is working for you.
All Platforms
•The interaction between Watch Folders and Manage Music can cause duplicates to appear in the library when the Watch Folder is also the Manage Music folder. Users should refrain from setting the Watch Folder and the Manage Music folder to the same location to avoid this situation. ( bug 16641)
•The interaction between Manage Music and iTunes’ Consolidate Library feature can cause “ghost tracks” to be imported into Songbird. Users should only use one application to manage their music library to avoid this problem. ( bug 16641)
•Dialogs text cropped when OS is using big fonts ( bug 5583)
•Window min/max sizing does not respect DPI ( bug 6956)
•[iPod] Album Artwork switched to wrong music ( bug 7780)
•[metadata-writing] Unable to write metadata to .m4a files ( bug 8812)
•[ipod] 1st Gen iPod shuffle not mounting in Songbird ( bug 10432)
?Temp Solution:
?Go to iPod directory
?Find “ipod_control” folder and delete it
?Re-connect the ipod and Songbird will recognize it.
•Paused tracks intermittently increase playcount ( bug 13615)
•iTunes smart playlists aren’t imported ( bug 16473)
Windows Specific
•Cannot playback media items on MTP device from within Songbird app ( bug 8068)
•Some songs display as 0:00 ( bug 9145)
•Same files can be added twice to a device if 2 PCs are used ( bug 9803)
•Syncs involving large number of files pick up spurious files to copy ( bug 15728)
Linux Specific
•[linux] Mini mode position is not remembered when switched back from Full Player ( bug 5938)
•Maximized state is not remembered between feather changes ( bug 9002)
•[podcast][mac][linux] Play stopped on change of feather ( bug 9525)
•[mac][linux] Songbird does not play MIDI files ( bug 9798)
•[linux] Cannot D&D import files from directory with spaces it path name ( bug 9804)
•[linux] Files from SMB shares cannot be played ( bug 12539)
•Songbird won’t play music under Fedora 10/Songbird does not work on Fedora 10 ( bug 15235)
MacOSX Specific
•[mac][ipod] iTunes can interfere with mount of iPod in Songbird ( bug 6946)
•[podcast][mac][linux] Play stopped on change of feather ( bug 9525)
•[mac][linux] Songbird does not play MIDI files ( bug 9798)
•[mac] Mini-player doesn’t show up in Spaces (intermittent)
•[key][mac] Keyboard shortcuts for Play/Pause, Next/previous track not shown in Control menu

XP Codec Pack 2.4.9

XP Codec Pack 2.4.9 recopila un conjunto de codecs que te ayudarán a visualizar y escuchar un gran número de formatos de audio y vídeo. Incluye un reproductor, Media Player Classic, y codecs FFdshow (XviD, DivX,…), un decodificador  MPEG-1/2 (para reproducir DVD), codecs de audio AC3, APE, MPC, Ogg, FLAC , etc..


* AC3Filter 1.61b
* AVI Splitter
* CDXA Reader
* CoreAAC (AAC DirectShow Decoder) 1.2.0
* CoreFlac Decoder 0.4
* FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2008.12.19
* GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder
* Matroska Splitter
** Media Player Classic
* OggSplitter/CoreVorbis
* RadLight APE Filter
* RadLight MPC Filter
* RadLight OFR Filter
* RealMedia Splitter
* RadLight TTA Filter
* The Codec Detective 2.0
* VSFilter (DirectVobSub) 2.38


Descargar:XP Codec Pack 2.4.9

JetPhoto Studio 4.5

JetPhoto Studio 4.5 permite crear álbumes, organizar fotos ..etc..

Con sólo varios clics, JetPhoto Studio puede convertir tus fotos digitales en una bella galería de Flash con un aspecto profesional.


Para compartir tus álbumes de fotos en Internet, JetPhoto es un avanzado editor de fotos web. Una vez que el álbum de fotos está preparado en tu equipo de sobremesa, por WebSync, sólo un clic es necesario para cargar el álbum de fotos en su propio sitio web utilizando el Servidor de JetPhoto.



JetPhoto Studio 4.5 es también un organizador de fotografías para los usuarios de Flickr. Editar etiquetas, descripciones con sólo un clic.


Descargar:JetPhoto Studio 4.5

– Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista
– Intel PIII 800MHz CPU or higher
– 256M RAM, 50M free disk space or more
– Supports 24-bit or 32-bit colors display

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión JetPhoto Studio 4.5

– Camera heading supported while geotagging

– Flash slideshow timing control

– more bug fixes

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