Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 15

Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 15  instala la Máquina Virtual de Java, plataforma  para trabajar con archivos .Class, y asi proporcionar el entorno hacer funcionar las aplicaciones Java.



Java le permite jugar en línea, participar en sesiones de chat con internautas de todo el mundo, calcular los intereses de una hipoteca y ver imágenes en tres dimensiones. Estas aplicaciones, que utilizan lenguaje de programación Java y acceso desde el navegador, se denominan “applets”.

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Descargar:Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 15 ~ Win64

Descargar:Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 15 ~ Linux

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 15

· Improved reliability. The JVM running the applet is isolated from the web browser at the operating system level. If something should go wrong while running the applet, or if an uncooperative applet refuses to shut down, the new Java Plug-In detects and
· Built-in JNLP support. The new plug-in offers the capability to launch applets directly from JNLP files, unifying deployment of Java content both in the browser and out of the browser (via Java Web Start). Developers can now reuse JNLP extensions for ad
· Per-applet command-line arguments. JVM command-line arguments may be specified on a per-applet basis, providing fine-grained control over options such as the heap size and Java 2D hardware acceleration features. JNLP-launched applets simply incorporate
· Multiple Java Platform version support. Each individual applet instance may request a different Java Platform version on which to run. This feature is designed for enterprise customers which prefer to qualify their applets against either a particular Ja
· Improved Java/JavaScript communication. The bridge between the JavaScript engine in the web browser and the Java programming language has been completely reimplemented. The new implementation is backward-compatible and features improved reliability, per
· Improved user experience. The new Java Plug-In starts applets in the background, so the web browser always remains responsive. Applets appear on the web page as they become ready to run
· Improved applet lifecycle management. Calls to the applet lifecycle methods init, start, stop, and destroy are more deterministic and cross-browser behavior has been improved. The applet class loader cache and the legacy applet lifecycle, required for b
· Better large heap support. Historically, the maximum heap size that could be specified for applets via the Java Control Panel has been limited. This limitation is fixed in the new Java Plug-In; applets can now utilize as much heap space as command-line
· Better Windows Vista support. Signed applets running in Protected Mode Internet Explorer on Microsoft’s Windows Vista now have the same privileges as normal user applications, eliminating a portability barrier to this platform

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