Eraser 5.87

Eraser 5.87 permite eliminar archivos o carpetas del disco duro de forma ’segura’ las contraseñas, datos personales, documentos…

Eraser borra y escribe encima del archivo que se desea eliminar.


Cuando se elimina un archivo, el sistema operativo realmente no elimina el archivo del disco, sino que sólo elimina la referencia del archivo de la tabla de sistema de archivos. El archivo permanece en el disco hasta que otro archivo es creado sobre él, e incluso después de eso, podría ser posible recuperar los datos estudiando los campos magnéticos en la superficie del disco.
Antes de que el archivo sea sobreescrito, cualquiera puede fácilmente recuperarlo con un disco de mantenimiento o una utilidad undelete.Soporta 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 2003 Server y DOS.

Descargar:Eraser 5.87

Descargar:Eraser Portable 5.87

Cambios y modificaciones en esta versión Eraser 5.87

Eraser 5.8.7: Changes over 5.8.7-beta5•Allow users to specify whether they want to delete Eraser-related configuration files on uninstall
•Implemented Eraser 5 Unicode support.
Fixed in previous 5.8.7 betas:•Timestamp all binaries on top of signing with the certificate
•Fixed dragged-and-dropped tasks to the On-Demand pane. The computer will shut down when done
•Fixed scheduled tasks’ completion action
•Display the time when scheduled tasks are to run at midnight
•Fixed a 64-bit problem for ISAAC buffer fills (semantic, not really serious)
•Fixed a wrong use of the equality operator leading to files being detected as encrypted when they are not (should fix some random hangs)
•Fixed the missing shell extension
•Fixed 64-bit installs (VC runtime complained of lack of cabinet)
•Fixed error message when user deletes files and cancels in the Eraser Explorer.
•Deleting tasks now require confirmation (as per Windows)
•Fixed a hang when users expanded the Network bit of the file data selection dialog (now only affects Verifier)
•Run the post-task operation when it is complete.
•Replaced the custom file/folder selection dialog with the Windows built-in ones.
•The “no files to erase” error no longer appears for file/folder erasures.
•Fixed the Hotkey selection dialog in General Preferences
•System passwords must be specified for it to be active. Throw an error if the user wanted a password but didn’t set one
•x64 compatibility fixes (NTAPI call)
•The scheduler log size must be positive, the dialog enforces it now.
•Allow users to tell Eraser to remember the resolve locked files setting for the current erase. Like a No to All or Yes to All button.
•Implemented the deletion of run-at-reboot scheduled tasks.
•Compile everything using VS 2008.
•Fixed command line error when selecting subfolders to be erased with the parent folder
•Fixed a few issues with EraserL creating a registry key after an erase
•Fixed the weird bug of right-clicking the various erase methods and Eraser hangs. Hopefully this resolves the problem of the file/folder selection dialog blinking and resetting the selections.
•Implemented NTFS EFS file erasure (EXPERIMENTAL!)
•Further complicate forensics: Set MACE to invalid values (NTFS only)
•Fixed #6: Incorrect ‘When Finished’ option
•Implemented #37: Eraser should not allow system to hibernate or standby when running
•Fixed #36: Eraser overriding Windows hotkeys in context menu
•Fixed #48: Inaccurate determination of process elevation
•Do not create “New Eraser Document” in the New context menu of Explorer when using a Portable version
•Schedlog.txt will always be kept in the local Application Data folder.
•Fixed shutdown issues after erase for NT-based computers.
•Fixed erasure of recycle bin contents when the erase was cancelled.
•Fixed Windows 98 compatibility.
•Fixed error checking when querying for elevation.
•Renamed Verify.exe to Erschk.exe. Resolved #418558.
•Fixed the VC2005 redistributable being extracted over each other when both x86 and x64 builds are selected for install.
•Fixed command line error when -silent was passed to EraserL.

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